Does LG Mini Out A LG G2?

LG G2 Mini Gets Neatly with Snapdragon 800 Processor Performance

Mini versions of their flagship Smartphones bring the LG competitors already on the market, because it is time to tighten even with a small version of its G2 for LG. Supposedly the Koreans a G2 release namely mini next year, that could be presented to the CES. LG will do but otherwise this as competition from Samsung and HTC, because I understand probably want all LG that G2 mini equip with a far better hardware, as it will be the competitor of tutDas LG G2 mini from the equipment, but not “mini” determined. Supposedly the small smartphone LG G2 will be equipped mini 800 processor as its big brother with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon. Also the display is probably not really small, the rumored to the display size should be the LG G2 mini at 4.7 inches. For a display that is not exactly “mini”, strictly speaking, this is the same display size, which has the HTC one. As the resolution of displays, it still nothing is known. Most other smartphone manufacturers rely on a more than adequate for this size resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. However, it is also possible that LG mini equips his LG G2 with a full-HD display. The LG G2 has taken care of this year with his new arrangement of the heads for Fuore, because with the LG G2 the volume control and the are appropriate for the power Center on the back. Even with the LG G2 mini this could be so. Even the presentation of LG G Flex that is waiting with a curved screen and to have probably next year we will be provided for enormous attention on the Smartphone market.

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