Do You Know How to Choose Lingerie?

Lingerie for every woman – not just a necessary part of the wardrobe and the unique thing that helps not only to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws.

First, many women pay attention to the form and beauty.  However, special attention should be paid to the quality of underwear. Lingerie contact with the most delicate parts of the skin and can deliver a lot of trouble if underwear is made ​​from synthetic materials.

All gynecologists recommend wearing lingerie only from natural materials such as knitwear, cotton and silk, artificial – just microfiber. Lingerie lace, as well as synthetic materials allow for special cases, they can not deliver the required comfort throughout the day.

Despite the huge abundance of different sports lingerie, the choice of lingerie for every woman is not so easy and you understand that the appropriate models for you not so much.
Particular attention should be paid to more expensive models, they are made ​​of safe materials, they may very convenient to walk for a long time, they are not too tight or too loose. Each model lingerie should be a perfect close to the body and not noticeable under clothing.
Another point selection of lingerie is the presence or absence of internal stitches that later will only bring discomfort. As well as additional accessories, stones, crystals which are not suitable for everyday use.