Diy: Bridal Hanger

Olaaaaaaaaa girls, how are you?

And from the series:”Do it yourself”, there’s another DIY for you!

My bridal hanger

The initial design was a pearl hanger, but that was not quite what I decided to do at the time.

I confess that when I saw that I would not be able to glue the whole pearl strip on the hanger the way it came I thought about giving up kkkkk. But I stopped, I thought … I started with the “bride” with the rhinestones (which in the beginning would be mini pearls in the rs place). I saw that the hanger was bland without something on top … I thought for the whole strip of pearls Way that came in the bag kkk auto colante but they were very separated and it was not what I wanted … I pasted one … two … three … and since I would have to pearl necklace pearl so I decided for some “Glitter points” between the pearls to match the rhinestones that shine brightly.
And so my coat was made … pearl by pearl, one by one … bad when I finished and I saw the result live, I thought: it was worth it
I’m so happy I came to share my wedding dress with you.
I hope you like it

Ahhhhhhh, regarding prices:

A ready hanger saw by at least R & dollar;70.00 and, believe me, I’ve also seen a little more R & dollar;300.00.So better for the workmanship né kkkk And still with the detail of being unique, because you who did, then you will have details that only you have.

* Hanger – R & dollar;18.00 (on the street March 25 in SP)

* Ink – I did not remember the price, but it was not expensive, it did not reach R & dollar; 10.00 a glass of white paint that I painted everything I needed and with several “hands” (the hanger, the letters I already posted here etc) .And the red one was so small that I bought those little ones even from R & dollar;2.00.

* Brush – R & dollar;1.20

* Strass – (it was the same as I already mentioned in the previous DIY that I bought in Aliexpress and made slippers, hanger, cup etc)

* Pearls – On March 25 you will find 3 packages of these stickers per R & dollar;10.00.Here in the city is R & D;5.00 each package.

PS: I did not leave the pearls only with the glue that has already come in them, I passed silicone glue (which is kind of a hot glue only cold) under each one that I was gluing to leave all but glued. The strasses I glued this way too.

I bought it like this:

1st “hand”of ink:

Beginning of the rhinestones in the “bride”:


Coat rack ready: