Digital Camera The Zoom Argument

After the pixels, the digital camera makers try to zoom their new marketing argument. And to maintain high prices as well.

The madness of the pixels calms down a bit-a reflex more than 20 million pixels appear while a dozen just for everyday use – but the manufacturer’s attention now on the optical zoom (1). Intrinsically linked to the SLR cameras, analogue and digital, then he went to the conquest of their little brothers! On compact, we find today that grow up to 20 times,

and up to 40 times over the bridges. Good news for the consumer? I’m not sure. Because most of these zooms are powerful, more the device is sensitive to movements. And if an optical image stabilizer (in goal) or mechanical (sensor) team frequently digital, they are not always effective. Therefore, this new hobby of industrialists would not particularly motivated by the need to “create value”? By giving some of their models of more powerful zooms, they can justify higher prices and healthy margins.

Compatibility: a Vision Objective

The objectives of analogue SLRs can be compatible with DSLRs (to check for purchase). But mount film lens on a digital body will result in a loss of field. Explanation: the sensor of the latter is smaller. To get the corresponding focal length, therefore apply to the silver goal, a multiplier of 1.5 or 2. Example, a 200 mm film fit like a 400 mm if it is mounted on the Panasonic DMC-L10.

(1) not to be confused with the digital zoom, which allows a crop as with retouching software.