Different Types of Wall Clocks

Classic, modern, elegant, trendy or fantasies, the clocks can be declined in a large number of styles. Besides being pretty decorative elements, these furnishing details are extremely functional.

Design wall clocks

Ancient and modern, digital and analog, pickled wood or lacquered metal. Choosing a wall clock is so broad that you will surely find one that matches your style. It is always pleasant to sit at a table and be able to look up on the wall, perhaps with the background of a beautiful wallpaper, to read the time and come pleasantly surprised by a clock style bizarre and original. The clocks adorn the walls bare and otherwise poor inspirational, creating dynamism on a white wall and boring too bare and dull. This makes it important to take time – literally – to search for the one that suits your home.

  • Shabby chic. If you are of the incurable romantic and love the refined and delicate style across the Alps, the clocks they do for you are pickled white wood, perhaps with discrete inlay on the frame, or small wild flowers hand-painted on the dial.
  • Contemporary. For the minimal and the Stylized lovers we need to focus on simple and attractive silhouette, with long steel needles that mark nonexistent numbers, replaced by graphic signs that create essential geometrical harmonies.

Choose the wall clock that suits you and your personality is primarily a question of style!

Digital wall clocks

The wall by the digital display watches are increasingly real jewels of technology. The liquid crystal display and a precision split-second by updating automatically, even when it comes to change to summer time from solar time: say goodbye to the discussions that are held every year, on having to carry forward forwards or backwards!

Even cuckoo clocks are a valuable detail, these evoke a style rather quiet, country chic with bold accents, but it is nowadays possible to find all kinds. What unites them is a small figurine that emerges at the stroke of every hour. A simple breath system and flutes allows to produce the characteristic sound, or at least it is so for those traditionally manufactured: perfect to decorate a house in country style or rustic, just like a real Tyrolean chalet.

What are you waiting for? Do not waste time, choose a wall clock for your home. Love your home!

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