Decoration of Towels

You probably know the feeling when you start a big cleaning and ultimately everything smells and you are taking a well-deserved coffee. Yet you head chasing the question of how more embellish your home. The original decoration of towels, today we bring is suitable for both hotel owners and to ordinary households and even as a gift. Under article you will find a video that might help you awaken your imagination and perhaps to come up with something new according to

Surprise your guests

In everyday life, these decorations probably not use it, but sometimes everyone will come visit, and this is precisely the moment when we can show off something original. Unconventionally folded towels acts both as decoration and also have the option to offer guests their own cosmetics that you put inside. Today can normally in drugstores buy miniature packaging of cosmetics, disposable, which is suitable not only for traveling, but also for this purpose. From the towel can be put together critters, cakes, flowers, ornamental pickpockets and other issues.

Towels can be a practical gift

Originally folded towel may be an appropriate gift. If you are thinking how to please a young family – must try to set washcloths, towels and bath towels. These are issues that upotřebíme in everyday life. Three-storey cake patchwork of towels in addition offend anyone, because it looks unusual. Towel Cake, you can still decorate with fresh flowers, cosmetics, aromatic candles and anything else you can think of. Do you think that giving someone a towel and cosmetics is boring? Quite the contrary! Cosmetic set for a man wrapped in a towel and adorned with a bow looks different now – what do you think? Interestingly wrapped gift that is not devoid of humor is simply genuine and certainly can not be called boring.

Place a towel wipes

Similar decorations can be produced from kitchen towels. Definitely something not escape the attention of those who visit you. If you want your daughter to buy a new kitchen set wipes – roll up and tie them together. Then create a second and third floor and quietly. Middle rolled up towels zapíchejte spoons, spatulas and other utensils. Provide ribbon and practical as well as beautiful gift you have in the world.