Crowdfunding Jewels: COVR, Rufus Cuff and the Micro

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with an affordable 3D printer, an indestructible Bluetooth speaker, a reserve battery on my key ring, a huge Smartwatch and a case for the iPhone with you secretly shoot photos. When you click on that links not be surprised: Indiegogo received a completely new design.

The Micro: Affordable 3D Printers

Still no 3D was so cheap: the micro, or short M3D, costs just US$ 299 – so only approximately 220 euro at kickstarter. However, shipping costs are added. You have to decide until May 7, 2014. The 3D printer is a cube with edge length 18.5 cm, it creates but to print objects that are up to 11.6 cm high and an area of 10.9 x 113 cm just 9.1 x 8.4 cm have – to the tune of 7.4 cm. With a weight of one kilogram, the printer is even portable and to connect to a computer, a USB cable is sufficient. The software runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, and should provide for an easy set up and use.

COVR: Secretly Record Pictures with the iPhone

The idea came to COVR Thomas Hurst photographers during his work in crisis areas, where like to photographed not everyone can be. With the case for the iPhone you can not only in dangerous moments unnoticed take photos, but scan including children, without that they respond to the camera. To the lens in the iPhone case light diverts so, you down keep the actual camera of smartphones, but still scans the subject in front of you. By May 6, 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. For 55 dollars and 10 dollars, your a copy of the envelope gets shipping – equivalent results in a price of around 47 euros.

Big Turtle Shell: Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

The Conference call in the canoe or the Party on the lawn is nothing in the way: the Bluetooth speaker of big turtle shell is waterproof and drop-resistant. Its battery lasts for 16 hours and charges to other devices. A speakerphone is available as well as two practical carrying handles. The box is on the ground, it radiates sound with up to 110 decibels all around. The loud turtle can you protect her until May 1 on kickstarter. If you are fast, you’re paying only $150, or 160 – each plus $30 for shipping. Equivalent, so prices of about 130 or 137 euro arise.

Keycharge: Spare Battery on My Key Ring

This key pendant is the life insurance for your Smartphone. It contains a battery that to give a mobile phone up to 6 hours talk time and 24 hours of standby time. You must recharge the battery of the trailer after about 20 days – even if you have not used him. The choice is the Keycharge with lightning – or micro-USB connector. At Indiegogo quickly determined to secure yet a copy for $15. The offers are gone, the battery pendant $ 25 – each plus $10 shipping. Equivalent results in a price of about 18 or 26 euro. For an additional fee, the keychain contains large memory, you’ll reach a normal USB port until May 12, 2014 still a 16 or 32 GB.

Rufus Cuff: More Than A Smartwatch

If the currently available Smartwatches and iWatch concepts are too small to you, the Rufus cuff is the right choice for you. The display is three inches tall and offers many functions: you can make phone calls with the strap over the Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone or receive notifications. Independently, surfs the cuff on the Web and serves as a smart band that monitors your activities with its sensors. Android is used as the operating system, so that you can install more apps. Thanks to the waterproof housing, the clock keeps out rain. 27 April 2014, you can support the project on Indiegogo. For 249 dollars – equivalent of 180 euros – as well as the actual shipping costs, you receive one of the oversized Smartwatches.