Cris Turek Abrepacote Mute My House

Want good news? Has abrePacote. Want great news? Is to decorate the House. Wants wonderful news? Will be present for savvy reader wants to know who? Change my Home Shop.

The shop change my Home is a virtual store, and their decorating products ourselves installed without a hitch. That is why the store is called mute, “change”, I turn, I create. Isn’t it cool? Everything to do with our creative vibe of do it yourself.

Are wallpapers, stickers, tile stickers, posters, canvas, acrylics, and customizable to fit that idea you have in mind.

The products are super cool, especially because they allow us to do complete no-break-break redecorations of walls, dirt and paint, changing a space fairly quickly. And let’s see it together because the products we received, we have setup tutorial.

But I really want you to watch the video of unboxing to see what I got for testing and that, soon, we will learn how to install. That’s right, learn together, because it will be my first experience so you also lose me the fear doesn’t handle

Click and enjoy to sign the channel of the village. Always roll tips in video, and the tutorials will be there after installation.

As I showed in the video, the products came very well packed in tubes and with instructions for you to begin to understand the installation process. But of course the site has very detailed tips for each step of the process, so that you understand exactly how to apply both the wallpapers as decorative.

The site also has explanations if you Marie and want to remove the stickers without headaches. Very practical.

After that there’s only one thing better: to win this. To Change my house sent me to test kits 3:a wallpaper, a sticker and a 30 tile adhesives, super easy to apply and to change the mood of any room. This kit will be offered a prize artistic challenge here some time.

What I want? I want you to stay glued here in the village that later we will show how to install the other kits I received and among them let’s talk about the challenge. Who is keeping an eye on the Village will know first-hand.

Meanwhile click the button below and visit the site Change my house to check out the special lines that is there and they’re going to change that your space that you’re asking for renewal:


The abrePacote is one way I found to share with you the experience of testing a new product. My goal is to evaluate the material that comes in and discover pros and cons at the time we use. Of course, and share with you.

If you have suggestions for using these products, use the comments and write me. This is your channel and these tests can assist you in your projects, so feel free to participate and opine.

And you entrepreneur who wants to see the village craftsman testing their products on video, click here for our address. Write and make your proposal.