Create Exclusive Our Site Made of Silver and Gold

With us a beautiful silver beads, gold beads and accessories is arrives last week again, directly from Indonesia. Bali silver makes me so happy! Unpacking is already fun and so much more make jewelry!

Create Exclusive Our Site Made of Silver and Gold 3

These sterling silver beads and gold-plated real silver beads are processed with many beautiful details. The silver is oxidized already, that I particularly like, because so the beads and parts are more 3-dimensional.
Precious metals are easy to craft the best materials to really beautiful jewelry! Wrap wire goes much better with echtsilbernen pins as with normal metal. Sterling is much softer and easier to turn. Perfect for earrings is Bali silver, and I did already massive earrings that!

And Sterling Silver 925 is of course much more beautiful. If it is to dark oxidized, you can clean it again. This brings back the shine also. But in General, Bali silver oxidized not very strong because it is already treated. You never have the yellowish glow. So it’s just perfect for necklaces or bracelets.
This is a necklace with rock crystal beads and gorgeous Bali silver beads. This is one of the few gems whose sales I’ve regretted!

Create Exclusive Our Site Made of Silver and Gold 2

Gold Plated Sterling

Sterling is also a very nice material. The base is mostly the same but then the silver with a 24-karat gold layer was finished. It can be bright yellow or dark, like bronze. This material is “our site” in English.
The layer is not as thick as at 24-carat gold filled, which we also sell stone beads world. But in gold filled such exceptional artistic pearls, caps or ear hooks are never made! These are mostly smooth beads and accessories. Bali silver and gold plated sterling is perfect for a playful effect!
The gold color of silver and gold-plated sterling is not quite the same, but that has never bothered me. I combine both without problems in a piece of jewelry.

Create Exclusive Our Site Made of Silver and Gold 1

The price of Bali silver is slightly higher than the price of normal silver beads and normal accessories. It has two reasons:

  1. because these products are handmade, that takes time.
  2. because Bali silver getting heavier in weight since. Also because of the decoration. The price of sterling silver is determined about the weight, it is so easy to explain.