Create Cool Looks with the Sweetheart of Bloggers

The shirts or t-shirts, have always been ever-present stamped in the closet, because they are practical and easy to use. Recently, they won a longer version and stripped, the shirts elongated, or also, the maxi shirts.

The elongated t-shirt is a basic piece that gives a touch of fashion in look of the day without the slightest effort.Besides leaving the visual with a modern and urban footprint.

Regardless of style, you can use the play on different occasions, just combine with accessories or different shoes.

The piece has been a great bet among the bloggers, especially in warmer weather, because simply put a short shorts jeans and ready. But the combinations don’t stop there, the maxi shirts are versatile and you can assemble multiple looks comfortable and stylish.

Elongated shirt with pants

Good old jeans and t-shirt look comes into play, however, with the elongated t-shirt and blouse. Simple and easy to assemble. “It’s nice to think in more justinhas, like Leggings or skinny with maxi tee, so yummy that balance camisetona doesn’t mix the volume of pants more Loosey-Goosey,” says Sameera.

  • Elongated T-Shirt with Shorts

Perfect look for the warmer weather, fresh and practical. You can leave the cooler or more visual basic, just choose your favorite shorts. “A basic shirt nothing short shorts stretched open in front, leaving their details more shows, can create a more flowing movement and romantic to look”, completes the style consultant.

  • Elongated as T-Shirt Dress

The versatility is such that the maxi tee can also turn a dress. Shradhdha gives a hint of gold: “maxi tee very long length and side opening used with a smoother color short well approximated the shirt stretched, can set the tone of a sexy dress, because it reveals bits of the leg through a dynamic balance.”

  • Elongated Shirt with Tennis

I realize that the elongated blouse transitions between various styles with ease. With the sneakers you can produce a more basic but stylish: “you want to face more boho on the look? Use the t-shirt stretched with sneakers, jeans shorts and a hat, “says Sameera.

  • Elongated T-Shirt with Jump

Who says you can’t use the play with a nice high heels? “The maxi tee for having the strong presence of long straight lines already brings in your DNA a unique elegance!” says the consultant. A valuable tip is to bet on a very tight pants with some texture and feet a stiletto sandals, the result is a stylish look just right.

I could tell how the production is beautiful with the elongated sweater, right? Accessories, such as handbags and shoes always make all the difference in the visual, another hint of gold. Enjoy to be inspired and put together a look of the day full of character with the piece.