Country Style Kitchen Chandeliers

Undisputed protagonists of the room, when they come down from the ceiling to bring the right lighting there where it matters most: the chandeliers for country kitchen are the complement of inevitable furniture for a setting decorated in a country style and romantic.

Country Style Kitchen Chandeliers

Kitchen chandeliers country, country style

Warm and welcoming, the meeting point between the vintage style and the shabby chic, the country is one all-encompassing style, which embraces an environment in its entirety. For that you cannot leave out no detail, no detail that will break up the atmosphere rustic and convivial atmosphere typical of this inspiration of furniture: from the rough wooden table with linen curtains cream, the exposed beams to the copper pots, the tablecloth gingham patterned the big table in solid wood. And, to capture attention at the center of the kitchen or on the dining table, still dominated by the chandelier. Faithfully following the principles of a non-ordinary style and always romantic tones and bucolic, the chandeliers for kitchen country always oscillate between the old and the new, between the refined elegance and sophisticated wear. A blend of natural materials, always, as the wood – often pickled, chipped, marked by time – and the fabric, of cotton or flax, hemp or even string.

Kitchen chandeliers country, rustic lighting

Sophisticated solutions, regardless of the materials and forms: whether with more arms and lampshades, or single body suspended, the chandeliers from country kitchen that continually seeking the dummy aging, aiming to evoke the past and romantic atmosphere. The lighting is often a detail that is overlooked when it comes to interior design but in reality, if well cared for, is able to completely revolutionize the atmosphere in a room. the lighting of the country chandeliers casts soft shadows around the room, to temper with other light sources, such as sconces and table lamps wall. The country kitchen becomes a really cozy room, with the light that gently touches the other furniture in rough wood; the shelves are open to the tiled shelves, from beliefs with embroidered curtains to pots hanging on the wall.

Kitchen chandeliers country, daylight

In addition to their typical wooden structure, the chandeliers from country kitchen can also be made ​​of metal, such as wrought iron and copper, which blend well with the laborious aspect of a country style kitchen that smells of apple pies homemade roasted chestnuts. Neutral colors and earth tones characterize the lampshades of chandeliers for kitchen country, sometimes even decorated with pretty gingham patterns red and white or floral motifs. The lines are simple and clean, no excessive or too elaborate inlays. Hanging above the dining table, as the country kitchen chandeliers bring the perfect lighting in the room dedicated to your culinary creativity: homogeneous and harmonious, the nuances hot and delicate unavoidably.

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