Choose the Right Backpack

A good backpack makes packing feels lighter and you can enjoy the distant blue peaks, forest trails and seaside tours. A bad suspension system can ruin the best hiking or InterRail.

It is important to try the backpack carefully in the store and pack with weight to know quite how it sits. Think how you like to pack-in many pockets or anything in the bag? Clean design give the lightweight.

A bag of about 60 litres, suitable for everything from hiking with tents to InterRail. The one to walk with children may need a larger bag to accommodate some of the kid’s seal.

To go for a slightly more expensive backpack in good quality pays off. In our guide, see models from established manufacturers. We have tested with tent packing on 15 kilos, but also on a mountain tour, it is possible to reduce weight further with lightweight widgets and provisioning of food in mountain huts. Join easy packing and enjoy the tour this summer!


All adult backpacks have complete equipment in the suspension system, various attachment possibilities, straps on the sides for compression, pocket in lid and pocket for water bottle. All bags but Briza is prepared for hydration system.

Pricehosted damrygga

Osprey Ariel 65, dam volume 65 litres, weight 2 kg, price 2000 adjustable suspension system, cylinder head höjbart, pockets, 2 3 open, colors blue and red clean and pretty easy backpack with curved shoulder straps. Slightly adjusted lap belt and airy back with waffled plate covered with net fabric. The bag has two compartments. Cylinder head becomes steady waist pack. Mr model called Aether. + affordable. Comfortable. Smooth. -Snow stuck in the winter.

Many pockets

Fjällräven Kajka 65 volume 65 litres, weight 2.9 kg, price 2700 adjustable suspension system, cylinder head höjbart, pockets, 8 2 open the colors blue and green new Backpack with the retro feel of the soft fabric and many pockets. Slightly adjusted and good hip belt, but test carefully so as not to breast strap sits low. Cylinder head becomes a waist pack. Women’s and men’s model from 55 to 100 litres. + Snug suspension system. Lättpackad. -Heavy. A few sticky zippers.

Easy, multi-purpose pack

HAGLÖFS Matrix 60 volume 60 litres, weight 1.9 kg, price 1800 adjustable suspension system, cylinder head höjbart, pockets, 3 2 open, colours grey, red, yellow, clear, clean and smooth light weight bag that can carry heavy. Slim shape allows it to work well in skiing. Carrying system in unisex fit women from approximately 170 cm. Sternum strap has the whistle. Also available in 40, 50 and 70 litres. + Easy. Functional. affordable. -Short compression straps.


Lundhags Ultra 60 volume 60 litres, weight 1.8 kg, price 2500 suspension system a size, cylinder head fixed pockets 5, 1 open colors green easy bag with steady suspension system in unisex fit women from about 175cm. Aluminium frame at the back plate can rub on be broad-shouldered. Slightly adjusted lap belt, large front opening and side pockets that should not be compacted at skiing. See 45 litres. + Easy. Spacious. Snabbpackad. -Small buckles unwieldy.


ArcTeryx Briza 62, dam volume 62 litres weight 2.9 kg, price 3000 suspension system three sizes, cylinder head höjbart pockets 3, 5 open the colors of lime, red Briza sits as cast with nice and offloaded suspension system. Slim shape is also suitable for skiing. Water-resistant liner has two compartments and extra side entrance. Cylinder head becomes a waist pack. Easily accessible “Kangaroo Pocket”. Also available in 75 litres and Mr model. + Durable. Good suspension system. Easy packed. -Heavy. The most expensive.

Easy children’s favorite

Bergans Nordkapp Junior volume 18 and 12 litres, weight 650 and 500 grams, price 450 and 350 kronor pockets 1, colors blue, green, pink, red Nordkapp is spacious and easy and sits nicely on the back. Back plates, hip belt and shoulder straps are well selectively foam padded. Fine details are compression straps, name card holder, large reflectors and hefty dragtamp in zip + Easy. Functional. affordable-no bottle pockets.

Pricehost junior sack

Bergans Tied 40 l volume 40 liters, weight 1.2 kg, price 795 pockets 3, 2 open, colors blue, red, green, pricehosted the junior bag with comfortable padding of the back plate, shoulder straps and hip belt. Perfect for those who want to snabbpacka everything in the bag. Multiple attachment points, large reflectors and roomy pocket on the inside. + Comfortable padding. Easy. affordable-A broad shoulder straps

This summer’s news

The Osprey Sprint volume 48, 35 and 23 litres, weight 1.7 kg 1.3 kg, 1 kg, price 1 100, 1 000 and 900, 6 pockets, 3 open the colors blue, red and slightly adjusted supple suspension system with breathable back plate in net fabric and comfortable hipbelt. The bag has a rain protection, whistle and compression straps. Large open pocket, for example, rain gear. The pocket is easy to wet but dries right quickly. + Breathable. Well equipped-large open pockets worse in winter.

Well hung

Lundhags Meteor volume 20 litres, weight 780 grams, price 500 pockets 2, 2 open, colors blue, red, green, a small sac that is well equipped. Soft and steady lap belt and shoulder straps are nice padded. The bag has detachable rain cover, compression straps, reflexes and whistle at sternum strap. + Good details. Nice suspension system.

easy Packed

Lundhags Dovre JR. volume 40 liters, weight 1.45 kg, price 900 pockets 5, colours green Junior bag for those who want to pack in side pockets. Välpolstrat suspension system with hip belt that is too wide for smaller children. The bag has two compartments and even opening at the bottom and zipper in the front. Removable rain cover. + Good pockets. Easy to find things-no compression straps.


VAUDE Nitra 20 volume 20 litres, weight 700 g price 495 pockets 3, 2 open, colors red, blue, Brown adjustable suspension system with an airy back under the net fabric. Selectively foam padded and great shoulder straps, but hip strap without padding. Good detail is reflective tape and address pocket. The bag is smaller than Bergans 18-liters sack. + Breathable. Stable suspension system-Only hip strap.

Nice against your back

VAUDE Tour 40 volume 40 liters, weight 1.35 kg, price 1080 pockets 4 colors red, blue, brown adjustable suspension system sits nicely and ventilate due to airy back with net fabric. Well selectively foam padded shoulder harness but the lap belt has some short padding. Divisible a liner that can be opened at the bottom. Removable rain cover. + Breathable. Comfortable shoulder straps-Short padding in hip belt.

So, unpack the hiking to camping and other heavily packed near the back and near the top of the backpack. Likewise is true for food and kitchen that is used during the day. Rain gear, water bottle and bag with quick energy should be packed easily accessible-in pockets on the outside of the bag. Sleeping bag and other things for the evening and the night are packed at the bottom. At the skiing center of gravity should be lower so not to poke wobbling to and shed you.

Playful hiking

To walk with children becomes a journey of discovery with spawning in streams, spying for birds of prey and the Mount Everest of tops. How do you make time to get with all the sleeping bags, clothes, food and other things for the whole family? A good advice is to plan for a hike to base camp. Go a short distance on the first day and find a nice camping place near a creek. Making day trips then becomes a breeze with lunch packing and reinforcing clothes. To stay in a cabin is also smart, then it becomes not the gasket so heavy. Small children’s backpacks should not be packed heavily-trek is supposed to be fun! We need rain gear, warm sweater, water bottle and extra energy that raisins and nuts. Berry systems must be tailored to the children’s backs. Bags of around 10 litres is for children up to six years. 20-litre sacks from Vaude and Lundhags suits from four to seven, eight years. Bergans up to nine and the Osprey for something older. Bags at 35 to 40 litres is from about nine to fourteen years. 48-litre up to about 16 years. Try carefully in the store!