Children’s Wallpaper in Montessoriano Room Decor

Did you know that until the room decoration of children can be fully based on educational aspects? Yes, you can have the bedroom furniture follow methods that allow for the development of the child in a more natural, functional and also safe. We’re talking about the pedagogical method montessoriano.

The montessoriano is a children’s educational system created by the educator Maria Montessori. According to the expert, parents and teachers must acknowledge children as individuals who have freedom of movement and choices in a few spaces. In addition, the theory also emphasizes the respect, independence, decision making, learning opportunities, and emphasis on sensory activities of children.

All these precautions, according to Montessori, kids grow up with more autonomy, sure of herself and with possibilities to explore the senses of your own way. But how to decorate the room with furniture, objects and child wallpaper by following the montessoriano method?

The children’s room decor

First of all, parents need to keep in mind that the children must have all the characteristics that facilitate the everyday life and learning of small, i.e., very different from what people imagine, the room does not have to present the willingness to assist the task s of adults. The focus is always the children.

The second point emphasizes that all the furniture, objects and toys need to be always within reach of children, but of course, safely. Children who have access to their own clothes, books, toys and other belongings, can make choices and learn more about the organization.


The cradle limits the movements, so the recommended is to trade him for a futon or even by a mattress put on top of a short or a mat So E.V.A., babies and children can leave their beds when they want to explore all the corners of the room.


Nowadays, there are already tiny furniture designed in autonomy of children. But you can also hire a company of architecture and decoration planned to create all the furniture within reach of their children.

Toys and decoration items

Try to install the shelves in the lower parts of the walls, in this way, children can have free access to books, dolls, stuffed animals and other toys. Already the thumbnails and the frames with family photos must stay out of reach, but still in a space where the child can observe these objects.

Children’s wallpaper

The wallpaper is a very important part in the decoration of any environment, especially in the quarter montessorianos. That stuff always is able to leave the most beautiful, modern rooms, personified, in addition, can stimulate all the senses, the children’s learning and still protects the walls. And what’s great is also the wallpaper, usually has an affordable price and is super easy to be installed in any space. For all this, well worth checking out some suggestions for children’s wallpaper to a room with black Montessori decoration.

  1. Wallpaper-Bugs

You know those wallpapers with many drawings of animals big and small? They are excellent to draw attention of the children and make them learn more about animal kingdoms with the images. In addition, various colors also stimulate the sense of sight.

You can decorate the walls of the room or let any part for you free fasten shelves and mirrors.

  1. Wallpaper – Blackboard

Some wallpapers are for the kids do many drawings and doodles, overall, with chalk to Blackboard. This option stimulates creativity for children and still causes the child to understand that has full autonomy to choose the drawing and painting activity at any time, moreover, it leaves the space much more customized according to the way small.

The slate can be wiped clean using only a cloth.

  1. Wallpaper-Lyrics

The literacy process can start early and even inside the room of your child. Children’s wallpaper monochrome or colored with all the letters of the alphabet makes a kind of animated presentation and didactics for the little ones. The kids have the opportunity to confer closely all the traits and particularities of the letters.

It influences on learning opportunities.

  1. Wallpaper-Colorful (tracks)

For those looking to escape some of the traditional modes of decorating with children’s wallpaper, can follow the tracks. Simply attach the colored bands a under the other walls of the room. The colors and different shades also teach and stimulate the senses of the children.

You can also combine the tracks with mirrors, this material is an important stimulus because it is necessary that the child see and recognize his own face, in addition to observing the facial features. This causes her to understand that it is a person other than the mother, the father and all others.


It is imperative to always be aware of the safety conditions of the room montessoriano. Cover electrical outlets, avoid objects and furniture with sharp edges, very tiny toys, Windows without grilles or screens, among other care.