Cell Controlled Mug Revolutionizes Coffee

Cell controlled Mug revolutionizes coffee and shows that technology has no boundaries. A different invention and recent wants to leave the coffee lovers happy and satisfied. The Ember Technologies, located in California, decided to develop a smart mug that keeps your drink warm for much longer, being that the user can define the ideal temperature for storage container. The definition of how it’s going to be the temperature of your coffee can be accomplished through an application that must be installed on your smart-phone.

Cell Controlled Mug Revolutionizes Coffee

According to Novowaterbottles.com,  cell controlled Mug revolutionizes coffee water bottle  holding the hot drink for a whole day when connected to a charger. The mug developed by Ammunition has approximately 350 ml capacity and still manages to keep the hot liquid away from taken for up to 2 hours.

Blue-tooth Helps to Maintain the Temperature of the Coffee

So that users can control the temperature of the drink through their smartphones, the Ember (company that created the thermos) used nothing more than good old Bluetooth of cell phones, which often are not used. So, who does not dispense coffee and afternoon tea can choose how will be the liquid after a few hours stored in the container.

Functions of Cell Controlled Mug

The Ember showed a mug, because the application has other functions still bizarre. In addition to sending notifications and alerts to the user about your drink and your temperature, it is still possible to create a name for the mug. The owners of the cup can also pre-set the application as like the drink and so she keeps the configuration and the person does not need all the time keep changing the temperature.

Hora Certa De Tomar Aquele Cafezinho

The right time to take that smart coffee can be warned for your different mug, since you make the correct configuration. The mug is so different that can warn the user the time to drink the hot beverage without burning the person. This type of technology used in the Cup is already being studied in constructions, robots, new refrigerators, and now for the mugs that can be used by ordinary people. The container is for sale for about $129 (which is equivalent to approximately R $500).