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The Other “Watches” Smart

For technology manufacturers it is important not only hit with the vision of the future but also the path to be followed to get up there. All suspect that the boundaries between computers and tablets is desdibujarán in a few years, but the “computer” of the future, will come as an evolution of tablet or laptop today? What kind of operating system will you use? An evolution of the current Windows or OSX? An evolution of the current Android and iOS? Continue reading

Apple Watch: More Than 5 Million Units for Launch, According To WSJ

The smart watches Apple will begin its journey steadily: at least that’s what follows from the latest data published by The Wall Street Journal, and according to which there will be five to six million Apple Watch available when the product is Present in the month of April. A product that as we could know a few hours ago could have been even more ambitious. Continue reading

Luxury Watches: The Watch U30 Tourbillon Split-Seconds of The Angelus House

The Angelus House watches are unique, be it at the level of design or construction; the new creations of the manufacturer are no exception. The U30 Rattrapante Tourbillon watch was presented to the world of watchmaking and jewellery – Baselworld 2016 – and this wristwatch combines a tourbillon, a Flyback function, a double column wheel Chronograph and a split-second. The fact that all the features of this watch are controlled by a single Crown and the button inside it is even more striking.
Angelus can wear a look back on a history eventful with many revolutionary developments; the engineers and watchmakers have designed the new movement Chronograph Watch U30 Tourbillon split-seconds with the same enthusiasm and a great love of detail. 5 years and several later patent applications, the watch finally hits the market. Continue reading

Dazzling jewelry watches: “Dior VIII Grand Bal Piece unique Envol”

Links: “Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce unique Envol No 17”. Right: “Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce unique Envol No 7”.

Diamonds, coloured gemstones and dazzling as a delicate special feature Skarabaenflugel: Dior presented a sparkling, glitzende and dazzling Jewelry Watch, which could be hardly even more exclusive than absolute one of a kind with its Dior VIII Grand Bal watches line with the “Piece unique Envol”. Continue reading

Marine Watch By Alpina: The New KM-710

The Swiss watch manufacturer Alpina has reinvented its historic service watch of the Navy. In 1934, the massive buildup of the military required several new, high-performance timer; among other things, service watches with clearly perceptible dials and hands. These watches are very popular in collector circles. The offer is very limited on well-preserved and still functional watches. Continue reading

Your Smart Watch Could Betray The PIN Code of Your Card

Professor Wang Yan is not connected watch. The reason? They are a nightmare for cyber security expert. To convince us, the researcher has developed with his team a way to recover our credit card codes, simply with a smartwatch.

If the arguments that push us to temper the heat of connected watch manufacturers are logical and practical, we imagined not necessarily malicious hijacking could be made. At least not at this point. Continue reading