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Omega Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE”, The New James Bond Watch

Present in the 007 franchise since 1995 when it launched the long Goldeneye, the Omega Seamaster with your naval history and classic style perfectly reflects James Bond. Now with theOMEGA Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE” limited edition the partnership between the watchmaking brand and 007 follows through with a novelty, because previously only commemorative editions were produced for the franchise. Continue reading

5 Tips For Choosing A Watch With Your Style

Choosing and buying a watch is a very important moment, even though a lot of people treat him with a certain casualness, after all, choosing the right part you can be getting a companion for life, however, rather than choosing something beautiful and durable, the clock must also be aligned to your user style. Here are some tips on how to find a model that fits into your lifestyle: Continue reading

The Top 10 Watches with Which Limits were Exceeded

” A small step for a human being, but a great step for humanity,” is probably the most famous quotation in space history. The Omega Speedmaster , which was the first watch on the moon, was part of the story. The Apollo-11 adventure of the “Speedy”, however, is only the most famous example of a series of daring events with luxury clocks. Frequently, they were far more marginal.

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DTE – One of the Most Expensive Watches

The Board of the DTE by Arnold & son is decorated with Geneva stripe finish. Two dials and two Swirls adorn the front of the clock.

DTE is one of the most expensive watches, which for the first time in 2014 will present the tradition manufacture Arnold & son at Basel world.A strictly limited edition top model behind the simple name of High quality watchmaking with two time zones display and two Swirls. Continue reading

Hello Pet Wall Clock – Black Cat

The Hello Pet Wall Clock is made of MDF with laser engraving of Cat Silhouettes. Hello Pet: Born to bring design to the pet world, with dog and cat accessories that are comfortable yet harmonize with the ambiance of your home. With the Decor and Accessories product lines, it brings from the door portraits and pictures for you pet owner, to full style walkers and feeders for your best friend. Products specially designed for those who are passionate about animals and will fall in love with Hello Pet.

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Automatic Watches for Women

Women and men differ significantly in shopping behavior. While woman celebrates shopping in his reinking culture and often moves through the shops without any plans, men usually go to the factory much more precisely and know exactly what they want beforehand. The idea of ​​being pushed and inspired by crowded stores seems to them to be completely absurd. Women, however, may have the back of their heads that they can use this or that, but they reject these plans relatively quickly when they are presented with all the pretty arrangements on the stands and shelves. The credit card glows, and Frau hauls the yield proudly and exhausted home.

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Jaeger-Lecoultre: Watches with History

The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch brand was established in 1833, in the village of Le Sentier, in the Valley de Joux in Switzerland. It was in this year that the inventor Antoine LeCoultre set up your watchmaking workshop and began developing their first projects. Today, the Jaeger-LeCoultre is known for having the best Union between innovation and style, as well as being responsible for the creation of smaller engines in the world.

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Influence Check: What Watches Do The Bloggers Wear?

The majority of us are nowadays on social networks almost daily and can be inspired by various bloggers and influentials. Everyone has their darlings, from whom he can take a look at the current trends. Beautiful outfits in the perfect light with a beautiful background, like a cherry blossom tree, simply inspire us. But how does the clock center of the social networks look like? Continue reading

The 10 Most Expensive Watches Ever!

I already showed the most expensive watch brands in the world. But what about watches?

The collectors of watches – such as the art collectors – looking for unique pieces, real rarities which, for various reasons, the lead making authentic Follies. Is in the big auction houses that most of these deals come true. With this in mind, we bring you now the presentation of the most expensive watches in the world which, interestingly, are all from mark Patek Philippe. Continue reading