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5 Tips for Choosing a Watch Ideal for Your Style

The clock today is no longer just an accessory that allows us to view the hours, but an important prop for a look. So how we dress according to the occasion, the clock must also match environment in question and your personality. When buying a, look what’s your course have style and for what will use it:whether it’s for a more formal environment such as your work, or if it’s to play sports, for example. Continue reading

Boyfriend Style Watches

Recently, it has been observed that watches are becoming more and more the focus of jewelry lovers.Then the new clock is drawn, a photo shot and put into the net.And then they start running, the compliments.Not just a watch you own, but usually a watch for any style.Latest trend: Boyfirend Style watches.Just wear a watch that is actually made for him.Filigree was yesterday, today it may be striking.These 3 watches in boyfriend style are especially good for us. Continue reading

With the Sports Watch to the Ideal Weight?

How does it look with you, is the bikinifigur already there or hamstert still enough of what has accumulated in the winter there on the hips?In the winter one mutates very easily to the Faultier.Lack of sunlight and cloudy weather do not necessarily contribute to the motivation.Well, now the argument counts no more.Spring is here, summer is in the starting holes.Yeah, so you should also start to improve your own fitness.You do not necessarily have to go to the gym.Today many accessories and apps help us to lose sight of our sporting goals.But can a sports watch really help us achieve or maintain our ideal weight?It is worth a try. Continue reading


Everything is subject to certain laws; this is particularly true of trends.Usually, they are not very durable, are placed and then when they know almost everyone, they are also already out again.Not so with the trends that we encounter in the area of ​​wrist watches.Clock centers are never short-lived, they develop much slower than their trend-conscious colleagues from the fashion sector.And once they have developed, they can not drive away so quickly.Clock emitters are stable.However, the word “trend” already implies a change, a complete standstill will not be found here either.Well so, then it will not be boring in the really diverse sector of the wrist watches.The jumps, which they put thereby thereby are not large, but the actual bang is in the detail.In addition to their actual characteristics, they are colors and certain designs, which in spring and summer 2014 also direct our attention to very special models.I will tell you today what exactly that is. Continue reading

Number of Wearable Devices Is Still Low in the Market

Wearables, or wearable devices, are still struggling for their space in the technology market.In the United States, for example, just over one in ten consumers in the United States had smart bracelets or watches (12.2%), almost double the penetration of the four major European markets (6.6%), which include Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Continue reading

Omega Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE”, The New James Bond Watch

Present in the 007 franchise since 1995 when it launched the long Goldeneye, the Omega Seamaster with your naval history and classic style perfectly reflects James Bond. Now with theOMEGA Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE” limited edition the partnership between the watchmaking brand and 007 follows through with a novelty, because previously only commemorative editions were produced for the franchise. Continue reading