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Shoes for Brides

A detail that generally a good part of the brides don’t worry too much, the shoes are, sometimes, outsiders to the last place on the list of women’s accessories at the time of setting up the production of the wedding. While all eyes are directed to the dress, Veil, bouquet, honeymoon, and the like, the booties, bastards, await at the end of the line to be finally acquired by brides. Continue reading

How to Use Women’s Moccasin

One of the most current fashion trends that there are the moccasins, a type of footwear that has always been used by men and now also exists for women. With these shoes you can create the image of a casual, urban and modern woman breaking through the barrier that separates the masculinity of femininity. In this article by Our site Let’s count how to use women’s moccasin so you can make the most of this type of shoe and stay in fashion.

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Steps with Style

The most fashionable footwear and the tips to choose the right model (photos)

Carrie Bradshaw, character played by the actress
Sara Jessica Parker in the series “Sex and the City”, assumes
Crazy for them, whether they are smooth or with a pattern,
Varnished, wedge or needle heel. We speak, of course, of
shoes. This season, the yellow and the wine color is the great
Newness in color. Python is the most popular pattern
And the exotic, metallic and suede skins are included in the list
Of the most used materials. Continue reading

Vizzano Footwear View Releases: Buy on line on the Website

Vizzano Footwear View Releases–Buy Online on the Site, Models of New Collections

The Vizzano is a brand of footwear and women’s accessories famous for the quality and the design of its products. The great differential of the brand is the way the shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and well being even in the high-heeled models. Continue reading