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Vizzano Footwear View Releases: Buy on line on the Website

Vizzano Footwear View Releases–Buy Online on the Site, Models of New Collections

The Vizzano is a brand of footwear and women’s accessories famous for the quality and the design of its products. The great differential of the brand is the way the shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and well being even in the high-heeled models. Continue reading

Simply and Honestly – Shoes

The winter is (almost) over, and the boots can be banished back to the farthest corner of the Shoe cabinet. The new sandals are playful or extravagant and if the shallow treads are not one in the coming of spring and summer, then in any form.On the contrary, on some models you have to watch that you can’t see them. But was thought also to those who like it more colorful and flashy. Continue reading

Lowa Ferrox GTX Shoe Mens

A product review to the Ferrox GTX women’s model already conducted e-commerce by women. Here you will find the supplementary opinion of our product tester and McTREK Manager’s, Thomas Winkelmann to Ferrox GTX mens model. Both tests together yield a double test from female and male perspective, women wander the finally different. Men also! Learn more here… Continue reading

Gladiator Sandal:See How Not to Miss the Look!

Surely you have already seen and / or heard of the famous and controversial gladiator sandal.Footwear gained momentum last summer and was paraded on many catwalks and worn by celebrities and anonymous, but the truth is that the shoe inspired by the gladiators of Ancient Rome still causes many controversies.There are those who have already fully surrendered the proposal, but there are those who still have resistance by the model of strips that can stretch to knee height or are just up to the heel. Continue reading

8 Simple Tips To Wear Heels Without Pain

Check Out The Best Advice That Will Help You Look A Few Centimetres Taller Without Having To Suffer, Starting With The Identification Of Your Foot Type

We already know that beauty has your cost, the problem is that he sometimes is very expensive. Use shoe, for example, is for many women safety sign, sensuality and slim figure. On the other hand, can also be a synonym for uncomfortable and severe pain. The balance may be in some tips that should be put into practice on a daily basis. See: Continue reading

Shoes out of the Traditional Black and Brown

The Paul Parkman is a small handmade shoes factory of California that is always attentive to the trends at the same time does not leave aside the basic features responsible for a good shoe, that’s why the extensive collection of the brand brings not only the traditional models and colors, but also items with unusual tones and modern man , capable of satisfying the most daring.

Continue reading