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Babs Fishing Diary “October 2012”

It was a full month. Articles, trade fairs, TV shows, travel plans for 2013, many discussions for future projects and videos of my Ireland trip… Nevertheless, I managed to go after a really long time again carp fishing. Three nights in the middle of the forest. I had almost forgotten how beautifully relaxing this type of fishing can be. A few carp up to 22 kg; joined also, perfect. At the same time, there was even time to leaf through the subject. Continue reading

Babs Fishing Diary “November 2012”

TheLlast Month

What a month… fishing at the lake of Plön, FP Stuttgart, Anspo, fishing in Amsterdam and a WDR rotation + my usual chaos:

Only to visit Schleswig Holstein, I wanted to annoy the pike in the Plöner lake, this only worked in part; Since I have now probably a bill open. I’ll be back. The Anspo with its many new products was really great, big thanks to the many visitors. As a Cologne woman in Düsseldorf? Had so my concerns, nevertheless, I dared and was received at the WDR TV show “home and on the way” friendly. The aquarium in the studio had a real miracle against stage fright. As shown in Fig. Continue reading

Fishing in Ireland

Ireland, I’m coming!

April 17, 2013. Finally, the long-awaited day had come. My fishing tackle was packed and I was really looking forward to fishing in Ireland. I had only one fish in front of my eyes, the Irish pike. Last year, during the short pike fishing, he was rare. But this time I had several days for him.

Unfortunately, the trip began with a strong wind. So strong that my destination airport Cork was closed in the south of Ireland and forced me to stay a night in Amsterdam. Only the next day I got a machine to Dublin. From there a coach took me to Cork. Continue reading

Cell Controlled Mug Revolutionizes Coffee

Cell controlled Mug revolutionizes coffee and shows that technology has no boundaries. A different invention and recent wants to leave the coffee lovers happy and satisfied. The Ember Technologies, located in California, decided to develop a smart mug that keeps your drink warm for much longer, being that the user can define the ideal temperature for storage container. The definition of how it’s going to be the temperature of your coffee can be accomplished through an application that must be installed on your smart-phone. Continue reading

6 Mistakes When Doing Trekking You Should Never Commit

Adrenaline challenge, contact with nature, freedom… Make trekking experience all these things. But it’s not because outdoor activities have always a dose of adventure, on lack of preparation, you need to go through complicated situations, isn’t it?

So, if you know how to deal with unforeseen events is important, but to prevent them is even better, don’t miss this opportunity to discover six mistakes that should never be committed to do trekking. Ready to start? Continue reading

Babs Fishing Diary “December 2012”

The Last Month

Just back from an interesting conversation with a Dutch fishing tour organizer. The first “Babs fishing trip” will take place in April! A week fishing, about the first May, in the south of Ireland. I’m really looking forward to explore the waters with a bigger team. Mainly on pike, but also the sea and river fishing is not to be missed. I will be there a few days before, and then stand with advice and hotspots, aside. Continue reading