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How to Fix Bike Tyre Puncture


Mr Puncture is waiting around the corner. That cykelturs-destructive däckssjukan that drains the inner tube on the air and the cyclist on the ball of lust, when we least expect it get in your way. On a handful of seconds reduces a puncture yourself from a road-winning horse that cuts through the wind and chide road, to a standstill and sweaty bicycle racer who see their friends disappear into the horizon. Continue reading

Best Quality Yoga Mat Reviews

Yoga Mat review? How do I get it?

Now, the idea is not mine. If you lead a blog, then you get almost automatically with a certain resistance requests for everything. I usually click right away, because I do not respond to requests to spam levels. The company Yogistar had directly asked if I would be willing to write a product review.Why not. Since I am more frequently in yoga studios rumtreibe I experience sometimes a lively exchange about the different mats. The issue appears to be quite heavily occupied. Continue reading

Bike Is Well

When I incié this blog had in mind to deliver only tips, tricks, and techniques that allow us to move bike through the city at the same time we enjoy it. However today I believe that talk exclusively about these technical issues and special skills is not at all happy. Moreover, I feel that it does seem that biking is an activity in which a certain degree of expertise is required. That foolishness! If the bike is precisely an invention single, close and that allows us to enjoy in the fullness of its use. If there is a predominantly Council concerning mobility in bicycle, this would be enjoy, have fun, because it’s fun. There is more. Continue reading

Choosing the Ideal Tent

Out camping it is vital to have a good tent. In the market there is an endless number of tents of different models and sizes. In general the tents are sold on the basis of how many people can occupy the shop comfortably. The typical sizes on the basis of capacity are 1-2 people, 2 person 2-3 people, 3 and so on. When you go hiking with a larger tent consider separate carp between each Member of your group to lighten the load. Continue reading

Maintenance of Mountain Bike Disc Brake

The brake maintenance of the bike is for a real intervention of voltage regulation of the brake cable through the registry setting to allow or the combination of the shoe to the circle of the wheel, or lengthening the distance between brake shoe and wheel.

The brake voltage regulation includes both the duration of braking is the agility of the wheel.
However, each represents a different coordination, so below we will explain through this guide, how to maintain bike brakes.

Continue reading

Sports Bra for Riding

Kalenji brings a touch of color in the monochrome before field of sports underwear

“20 we have the face nature gave us, to 50 years we got what we deserve.” Did you know that quote from the innenarable Coco Chanel? This saying applies also to breasts, riding a little rough.

It’s not much, and yet the sports bra is a must for keeping the rider. It ensures a pleasant and comfortable practice, and preserves the beauty of our breasts. Some details about the most discreet part of our wardrobes of riders. Continue reading

Are Cropped Pants in Style 2015

After the culotte pants, cropped pants arrive, the new trend for fall winter 2015-2016.We discover the coolest models from the catwalks, the versions low cost and how to wear them

Cropped pants trend

Distinguishing features: short, ankle, possibly over and high life. Soft tweed, hard cloth or skin, cropped trousers, or cut to the ankle, they are one of the leading apparel trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 .

Trousers cropped at the ankle: AI 2015 2016 trend | PHOTOS (41 images)The cropped pants or cut ankle is one of the major trends in clothes for autumn winter, here are the most beautiful models and how to wear them(source: Getty Images) Continue reading