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BH shirts

BH shirts are bra tops, sport bras or T-shirts with an integrated bra. They are the practical alternative to the bra for sport and leisure. With you will find a wide range of BRA shirts in many different versions. There are models in bright and colorful colors that make good mood at the sport. For all that it unaufälliger like, there are bra shirts in muted colors like black or beige. Filter by color, brand or Web shop the shop offer and find your matching bra shirt online.


Here in the category, there is a wide range of strings, for women from a range of many different online shops. Strings are not only super sexy, but also extremely practical. You are not and can therefore easily be worn under tight trousers and fitting dresses. You can find string thongs or string panties at us in different colors, different brands, as well as in several designs.


To find the right underwear, is sometimes not so easy in the large selection. Since you ask maybe the question, whether BRA, corset, or would you prefer Bustier. The advantage of the Bustier is you can wear them superbly under Bustier tops or Bustier dresses. Also you do prefer the BRA without wires, then you will find Finder in our fashion a selection of these, which you can then order in the respective online shop online.


The right bra is important because it helps in your outfit to feel you, you and support your breasts properly. It is important that you buy your bra in the correct size. Because the wrong size can cause pressure points, be uncomfortable, and even pain. Also can become misshapen look with the wrong size and BRA shape your bust size and above all provide not the necessary support. If you don’t know your bra size, you should measure at home with instructions, or go to a specialty store. Often, women have a much too large cup or a scope which cut. Before you buy a bra so be sure, in whatever size you order it. Of course you can send online several sizes fitting home. Just remember: it is important that the BRA supports your breasts and comfortably.

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Sexy underwear

A wide range of lingerie is waiting for you at Bridgat. It does matter whether you’re looking for easy playfulness, classic elegance, or crackling erotic – because everything is possible with the right lingerie. Dare you quietly and just try it out. It has fine, high-quality underwear at you, which quite simply stunning puts you in the limelight.

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Thigh high stockings

Here you will find a wide range of thigh high stockings from the various online stores. You can find Overknees in many different colors and patterns. Thigh high socks are a must-have especially in the winter. They warm up your legs and when they out look of the boots, they look also still very stylish. To combine thigh high stockings is not difficult, as long as you wear this no to short outfit and they color harmony with your boots.


If you are looking for other sexy underwear, maybe Spitzenbodies for you are interesting. In this category, you have the choice between a Bodysuit with lace decorated straps or a body made of lace. Use the filter function to quickly find the product in the online shop, you’re looking for. Enter a price limit and search for a particular brand of underwear such as Gilda.

long underwear

Long underpants were verpönt-long as ungulate simply click through our selection of underwear of this category, to convince you otherwise! Of course, the long underwear for winter sports is a must-have, but also in other situations it can be useful. No matter whether in wintry jog in the woods or at the cosy cuddle by the fireplace: our stylish pants are feel good classic for the entire year and promise warmth and comfort even on the most unpleasant days of the year.


Minimizer is suitable for women with a big bust. The special cut of the Minimizer BRA, bust impact visually smaller. Also taken during processing to that width of liner and reinforced locks are used. So the comfort is increased. You will find not only a triumph of online shops offer Minimizer BRA, brands like Gilda and Petite Fleur are represented with these models.

Hold up stockings

In this section, there are many beautiful black stockings from different online shops. These are not only sexy, but also practically under tight clothing because they cause no prints. Called also stay-ups, stockings, stick, as the NAme suggests, alone at the foot. The selection here includes stockings in black, white and other colors as well as models with seam, with tip and also playful examples with loop.

Large sizes: jackets

There’s great coats and jackets in various sizes. Especially the online shops from Ulla Popken and happy size specialise in large sizes. Here you will find stylish jackets that you dress properly every season. With the search options of the fashion Finder, you can sort by price, shop and brand and determined to find the garment in the size and color that you like.


We want only the best for our underwear because it must we feel us, she must be comfortable, be made of high quality material and have a good fit. Nothing is worse than a tweaking underpants that don’t fit and the whole day through bugging you. Although not as much attention to underwear, since it sits hidden under our outerwear, it is nevertheless a very important piece of clothing. Without panties, it is inconvenient and unsanitary especially in everyday life. Therefore, it is important that you have in your wardrobe comfortable, high quality, and not to have last beautiful underwear.

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Fine pantyhose

Tights are a basic in the wardrobe of most women. There are a wide range of tights in different colors and thicknesses of denier on Tights are perfect in colorful and bright colors to spice up an outfit for leisure. Fine pantyhose in muted colors like black or beige are optimal in the Office. Filter by color, brand, size, or Web Shop our selection and find the matching tights for you.

House socks

You can spend a pleasant day on the sofa with House socks. Your feet are so wonderfully warm wrapped. The cozy socks are popular not only in the winter. Because we women have often especially cold feet, you can put it on super as sleeping socks. With fun themes, prints or just in beautiful colors, you’ll love your new House socks. In our online shop you will find a nice selection of different House socks for every taste.


Looking for a figure-molding petticoat? Then you are right here. You will find here a wide range of Unterkleidern from different brands, such as for example of triumph or Spanx, and from various online stores. The range includes models from various materials such as lace, in multiple colors, such as black, white or cream, and in different versions, for example in long or short.