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Earrings emphasize the feminine side of women in many cultures of the world. They are also the oldest jewellery of humanity. Earrings are the favorite accessory and jewellery for most women. They decorate our ears and complete any outfit. Many feel even naked and almost incomplete without earrings. You can tell that the earrings are just as important for us women, like our handbag. Some not wear earrings always and consistently, others, however, on special occasions and on the work for but in leisure time. The players are so different, so are different the models of the earrings. There are countless types of earrings, so anything is possible. Colors, shapes, sizes, materials and types of jewellery are varied and limitless.

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Rubber watches

A rubber watch is a must-have for all fashionistas. The great lady watches with the rubber strap not only stylish look, but they are also comfortable to wear due to the soft material. The most famous models of these watches are the ice watch watches that become available there in all imaginable colours. In addition to these here in this category there are many more rubber watches from the wide range of online stores.

What Ring Suits Me


Once you begin to decorate their hands, it can be difficult to walk around without even one ring. With ten fingers to adorn it can sometimes go too far and most people can probably agree that it is the finest one or two rings rather than the hand full of gold and stones. Anyone who likes to have many ties on the fingers can bet on the ring models that include multiple bands for a cool effect. The ring is the jewelry that you are constantly aware of where you almost always see and use their hands. This also means that there are high demands on the jewelery that must be beautiful, comfortable and durable at the same time.

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Bracelets go always and everywhere! They belong to the most popular accessories. They adorn the wrist and give your look that certain something! You get wristbands not only by great, higher-priced brands such as fossil, Michael Kors, guess, but also already quite cheap from labels such as, for example, Loavies or touch. How do you find the right bracelet for you when choosing a breathtaking? We give you an overview! Whether real silver and gold or leather, glass, or plastic – at Bridgat you’ll find everything your heart desires.

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About Akoya Pearls

The pearl formation period in the case of Akoya may be limited to eight months. Despite this, farmers usually wait one or two years before proceeding with the harvest (favoring larger and higher quality). The nacre thickness is related to the length of cultivation period, but there are other factors that affect the ability of an oyster to deposit the layers of nacre and they are: his health conditions and the company’s methods. Continue reading

Bracelets Themselves Make Men

The modern man wears like jewelry! A bracelet or earring simply belongs to his dressing room. Especially the bracelets are currently really a big hit. You can be nicely combined, also with a clock.

Men’s bracelets are similar to the women’s bracelets in the base of course, but I’m doing that then something stronger. Not so playful and colorful. It will be a bit harder. Is for a man. Precious stones such as agate, Jasper, lava, and Tiger’s eye are particularly well suited for a man bracelet. Also wood and silver beads fit perfectly. It must not necessarily be in the leather/Biker look.
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Gorgeous Sparkling Earrings

Ear jewelry in the style of colorful dazzling chandeliers

Chandelier earrings are hard to imagine in today’s fashion and jewelry world.
It is very glamorous effect to owe that they regularly you can admire on Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Finally, chandeliers pull everyone’s attention through her magical sparkle. Stars such as Salma Hayek, jasmine Trinca and Carey Mulligan have long discovered the flashy and mostly very filigree crafted pieces of jewelry.

Chandeliers characterised by hanging from the ear and branch are flexibly interconnected elements of different lengths. It’s resulting mobility thanks to, that their gemstones sparkle beautifully in the light.
Learn what time these earrings were and what is its name.

The history of chandeliers

The sparkling chandelier style earrings

Chandeliers is the French name for candlesticks. Why it is used since the 17th century for ornate earrings , can be easy to understand: the usually expansive and long, decorated with dazzling gems dangling earrings are reminiscent of the chandeliers of that time, whose droopy, filigree Kristalle candlelight schillerten. Frequently used cut lead glass for this chandelier to the form of prisms. At this, the incoming rays of light are broken varies, resulting in a colored glitter.

Similarly, the gems of the chandeliers to play with the light and shine at the slightest movement of their wearer. They look like small chandeliers also, because they have such hanging decorative items that fall usually vary widely and make different levels.

The Indian forms of chandeliers

The chandeliers were given their present name only in the 17th century, but there is already much longer earrings in this form. Particularly in India, far droopy, colourful and decorated with filigree patterns earrings are an integral part of the Canon of the jewelry for a long time.
Commonly used materials are here enameled gold, coloured gemstones, pearls and glass beads.

The chandeliers in the 1920s

The chandelier earrings at the time of the Art Déco of the 20s came to great popularity. The predominant style was of course also its influence on the design of the jewelry pieces. Suitable, clear-cut forms came to the geometrical rigour of the Art Déco in the chandeliers used. Studded earrings in Platinum or white gold with diamonds and pearls were a popular combination.

The Girandoles – a special kind of these earrings

Girandoles chandelier earrings are in a very specific way – sometimes the two terms are synonymous but also.
Traditionally the cheap jewelry is formed at Girandoles Earrings by three round or oval gemstones. The medium-sized gemstone hangs it deeper as the two sides.
A round polished gemstone, which is usually connected to a loop-shaped element with the lower part forms the upper end. Here, although variations are possible.

Chandeliers as Bridal jewelry

Because of their glamorous effect, chandeliers are like elected as jewelry for the bride. Pieces of jewelry made of Platinum or white gold, adorned with diamonds are due to the white wedding dress. Apply beads, which since ancient Greece as a traditional Bridal jewelry , very well suited for such earrings.
Of course glamorous beautiful effects can be at chandeliers for the bride with other precious stones achieve, for example with gently shimmering moonstones.

Luxurious Chandelier Earrings by RENÉSIM

You interested in chandeliers, which are perfectly tailored to you? RENÉSIM manufactures like according to your wishes jewels on, for which only the highest quality raw materials are used.
Or opt for one of our prêt à-Porter models from the loved & jewelled collection or the characters collection.

Luxury Cell Phones: the Slightly Different Ear Jewellery

Who loves jewels, would they wear every day, every second with him. What is better than to occupy the subject already constantly accompanied us, with sparkling stones: the mobile phone.

A mobile phone with diamonds may be the perfect accessory for women, more find no place on hands, ears and neckline for jewelry, but above all to put a fantastic way for men, sometimes on decorative stones. Continue reading


Bangles are naturally beautiful in the summer, when they can be seen on the bare arm. But even if you dance in the Club in the winter, a wide Bangle is an easy way to complete your outfit. This jewelry is striking and elegant, because he makes Petite seem your arms. In this category you can find many different bangles from the range of online stores, you can order easily.

What Jewelry Pieces Flatter Your Type?

Is your style more classical, extravagant, minimalist or romantic?

Ideally, charming accents, jewelry pieces and underline the style and the personality of the wearer. The huge selection of different shapes, materials and designs, the choice is however often difficult and be faced with the choice.
Different types of jewelry can be distinguished depending on the personality and fashion preferences. If you know what type suits you the most, and match what jewelry pieces closest to you, the decision is certainly easier.
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10 Designs For the Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are very personal pieces of jewelry with high emotional value. They are kept for a lifetime in honor and worn like even after the wedding.
Almost no imagination in the design of the rings to the engagement the – from classically elegant over very glamorous to return to playful and edgy much is possible.
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There are earrings in the wide range of variants. By Bridgat, earrings like us particularly well. Earrings can be long and striking and Spice up as a more simple outfit in the blink of an eye. Especially earrings made of silver or gold have this effect. But also fashion jewelry can be the catcher. There are hanging earrings also in smaller, more subtle designs. These can be combined to any outfit.