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The Tr�NEN of Heaven

Myths and legends have grown up around the emergence of the Pearl. It is called the daughter of Mughal Emperor shed once millions of tears, as the wedding was eluding them with her lover. Out of pity, always compassionate God Krishna turned tears into pearls that are found in the Indian Ocean in large numbers since then. Beads and tears, this connection was over the millennia, so even yet 1772 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing his impending doom of foreboding Emilia Galotti could put the famous quote in the mouth:”Pearls mean tears.” Continue reading

Snö of Sweden Collection

New fantastic Snö of Sweden jewelry in the store

Now it’s a whole lot new going on from Snö of Sweden and you will find their new creations here at Blingit. A quick look at the new jewelery reveals that Snow will continue with the same fresh and modern design language, but that we now have more variations of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Let’s look a little closer at some of the new series now being launched by Snö of Sweden …

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RENÉSIM in the Brienner – Tradition Meets Modernism

One of the oldest and most exclusive districts of Munich – the Brienner quarter, a quarter of the art and culture is located between the Odeon square, and the square of the victims of national socialism. With a history of over 200 years old, it testifies to a special charm, which combines the flair of the past with today’s modern. Classical buildings, great prospects, rich tradition and exquisite shops – the perfect location for a Munich jeweller with modern handwriting and a rich family tradition such as RENÉSIM. Continue reading

Headbands to Hold Hair Back

Do you have long hair? You want to change your look, but you want to keep your long hair 45 meter? You want a haircut trend for a max of € 5.95 budget? You dreams of the bobo-cool look with Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie but denim slim + loose tank top + loose vest you like especially Lisa Plenske? Looking in vain for a way to ditch your bangs and tame the IPS that earned you the nickname of Fonzi at work? I have the solution: the headbands to hair across the forehead. Tadaaaah!

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5 Tips for You to Increase Your Sales of Handicrafts

  1. Hello Friend entrepreneur, all jewel? Today I want to have a little chat with you about sales of handicrafts. But first let me tell you a curious fact that happened to me, it’s all about our theme. In these my wanderings to study I came across a phrase that left me shocked: “the goal of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” What Kotler meant by that? As I processed a quote like that? Soon I’m chipped in sales. RS Continue reading

6 Outfits for the Holidays under 150 €

All around Christmas lights and glitters so beautifully and is lovingly decorated. This is also true of the looks that are worn around the festival. We want to carry something very special for the festivities, the family celebrations on the holidays and, of course, the New Year’s Eve party. It can also sparkle and sparkle: Sequins, velvet, lace and pearls are the ideal companion for the perfect Christmas look. Also red and green give the outfit a festive touch. So that the new outfit does not tear a big hole in the Christmas gift box, here are a few looks, for which you have to spend less than 150 € .

Girl Outfit for About 60 €

The manguun kids dress iscomfortable and leaves the little enough freedom to play, but looks chic. The cuddly bolero jacket keeps warm even in frosty temperatures and matches the festive look. Continue reading