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The Flagship Engagement Ring from Tiffany

Have you ever asked why we use ENGAGEMENT RINGS as a symbol of commitment? In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked for the hand of Mary, Duchess of Burgundy, with a spiked ring with small pieces of diamonds that formed the letter “M”. This is the first historical record of an engagement ring. However, the ring as we know it today was immortalized by TIFFANY & CO, which in 1886 revolutionized the world of jewels when launched theTiffany Setting, an engagement ring with a Diamond Solitaire spiked with six claws. This classic design had six small clutches of Platinum, they cast, absurdly, the diamond out of the rim. In addition, the Tiffany Setting would glare of diamonds. Thus, although simple, this ingenious design soon became a standard in the jewelry industry. Continue reading

Jewelry Ideas for Autumn

Autumn is here and given us Golden moments and falling leaves. Precisely the right time to skillfully to put in scenes and to wrap in new fabrics of autumn.

To begin a new season is for women, fashion and jewelry love always an interesting and exciting thing, because you previously never quite know what will be the latest trends and how you should dress in autumn the fashion rule to. Although the mail-order catalogues give always a small clue, nevertheless remains the decision whenever the person himself.

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Choker: Summer Accessory!

You sure, wore that Necklace (or collar) that mimics tattoo. I’m sure! Until a while ago she was on the list of “fiascos fashion”, but now it’s back to be coveted by the ladies that my God Brazil and the world as well. Because fashion is like that, huh, guys? Fashion loves doing these with us, goes back and forth and if repaginates and stays. And we swear that is horrible and I will never use, but we always use again. And that’s not a delight? I think! This, which is a trend of the’90, was rescued by giving the nod to use all kinds of necklaces that we want. The outfits can be used with pendant or not (in my time wore without), looks great when we add more different collars with them. As with the pulseirismo (who many of you know that I’m in LOVE), it’s nice to mix textures and models. Continue reading

Necklace with Crystals: Learn What Assess to Buy a Quality

The crystals are stones that for many years are part of the collections of semijoias around the world. Of various colors, shapes and sizes, they can be used in more classical pieces or items entirely, but that alternative are increasingly fashionable for the boho style that came back with everything and brought with him the necklace with Crystal. Continue reading

Stacked Ring: an Exciting New Jewelry Trend

Trends in jewelry have the wonderful advantage of that a new look can occur with little effort. The power of accessories is finally great and their influence is correspondingly high. And now comes a trend in fashion, which will provide guaranteed to stir: stacked rings. Stacked ring show that there is still potential for innovation also in the jewelry for the finger.

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The New, Paradi (E) Sic Conscious Collection from H and M

On 25th March, shortly before Easter, the new Conscious Collection from the Swedish fashion house H & M can be found at the clothes hangars of selected shops.The face of this collection is no less than the French model, actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, who was once associated with Johnny Depp.Vanesssa Paradis owes herself as a lover of the vintage style and is therefore gladly available for the Conscious Collection.I did a little research on what we expected on March 25th in the H & M Stores so. Continue reading

Models of Cheap Gold Earrings

The precious metals market, gold is one of the most valued in the world for jewels. The precious stones are beautiful, but there’s no who do not resist (at least most people) to a good piece of jewelry in gold. Gold earrings are fashion, classic, traditional and synonymous with glamour. Everyone combines with them and it’s great to invest in diversity if it is real gold. Continue reading

Earrings for Every Type of Woman

We are in love with earrings, this isn’t anything new. They are Accessories which are essential and which give a special touch to the visual. There are no exceptions as to who may or may not wear earrings, but there are some tips that guide in the sense of combining the play with the shape of the face. Having in mind what earring is ideal for your face type, now and just find the style that suits you, whether they are small, fringe and even the maxi earrings. Check out this selection with some of the categories present in the lodge of Frances Jewelry. Continue reading

You Should Be Aware of These Jewelry Designers

It belongs to the joys of travel to discover beautiful things you can-bring as a special holiday gift from abroad for example the unusual bracelet that has made a local designer at the resort. Since we Jewelry just love how you and new in the fashion editorial labels from different countries meet, we have made a digital trip around the world and imagine now 12 jewelry designers, that particularly inspire us. Continue reading

How to Save Pearl?

Old Make New…
Pearls have stimulated the imagination has always been and were considered jewellery of K matter. Since fr hesten times they were taken in gold, pulled on the chains, and processed to valuable Schmuckst press. Her incomparable L ster and discreet Orient lie en some Pearl Jewelry are centuries ago to the legend. A necklace or earrings made of real pearls marked the tr ger or the Tr gerin as significant. Continue reading

My Current Favorite Necklace:”Dream of Sleep”

Today I want to introduce you to a necklace in which I have fallen in love at first sight. Already her name “Drea m of Sleep “sounds so mystical and mysterious, but at the same time eerily soothing. And here you can be sure: What the name promises is also held. Because BJØRG is known for creating unusual and fascinating jewelery that has its own charm. You do not know the Scandinavian designer yet? Well then, this necklace “Dream of Sleep” is exactly the right entrance into the impressive jewelry world of this designer. Continue reading

How Do I Get Order in My Jewelry Collection?

You do not think there are countless nice ways to store your jewelry in a clear way?Jewelery shop is always looking for you, for new ideas that bring order to every jewelery collection!And even today we have a suggestion for you, which is also easy to tinker.This time, we are working on a simple picture frame, where you can put your own jewelery into the picture.In the video, Marcus explains how you can make this jewelry store yourself.So that you can attach not only earrings , but also chains or bracelets, we have designed hooks.As you can make from simple wire, we show you of course also. Continue reading