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More than 15 Amazing Photos for You to Get Inspired!

All it takes is a child to see a wooden playground for eyes to start shining and she asks to play. This type of toy really is quite popular and, let’s face it, even we adults want to have fun at them sometimes. But for the play to be totally safe and for the playground not to work too much for maintenance, all planning at the time of construction is very well thought out. Are you excited about making one for the little ones? So check out the tips below! Continue reading

How to Organize the Children’s Room?

There are very fun, creative and happy to help their children to grow up with a nice, healthy dose of organization and order

A home with children needs to be a House alive right mess is crucial to show that, in that environment, there are physical and emotional health and well-being. In courses that Minister, it is common to hear questions of mothers and parents anxious to establish the Organization in the life of their children. My answer is always the same: combine with the child what she wants and what would make you happy in your storage room. You will be amazed at the answers! So, check out the tips of the Organization consultant, Rosângela fields.

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Green Chandelier Lighting

The Green chandelier is a source of refined and original lighting, suitable for garden gazebo as a whimsical and contemporary living. Choose your perfect green chandelier Dalani and your home. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Green chandelier: sweet appeal to nature

The lighting is essential and contributes to make them special and magic effect. Even the light from a candle can inspire in us emotions and

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Wall Decoration: 7 Ideas to Do at Home

If there is one thing that is on the rise is the wall decoration: if before they were white and with one frame or another, today the walls are protagonists of the decoration of the house. Whether with pictures, posters, dishes or even stickers, there are many creative ways to embellish them. Come see seven ideas to decorate and leave your home your way! Continue reading