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Charming Decoration for Bathroom!

Hello my fellow Brazilians! Let’s do one more week lit! Here on the blog has always room for one more little tip of what’s filling your eyes and that has your touch of charm. Decoration is always a subject that yields many creative ideas and, if you like, it’s like putting a piece of themselves in that environment. Love give life to every small space our House with that particular touch, isn’t it? And the bathroom, one room which is usually our corner to relax, take a bath very very time consuming, where we take care of the skin and hair, make that make special …In this environment so people could not be different. Continue reading

Westwing’s Charms!

Decorating a home is always a big challenge, especially when you know that you’ll go through those furniture every day. So, to help you in this process, I bring today to my dear readers a super hint of decoration, who still does not know the Westwing Web site. The Westwing Brazil is an online store focusing on home and decoration. The ideal is to engage store who is passionate about decorating and design, selling products of quality and style. It offers trends, design, style, art, high quality and all at affordable rates. And to help us start the year with brand-new tuuuuuudo, the site will offer discounts of up to 70% on purchases made, when I heard that, I almost had a fit, you all know how I loooove buy, new things for me amooooo, to my house, to give away , I’m a Shopaholic. Continue reading

7 Tips to Dry Your Clothes Faster in Winter

I guess you must be like me, that when it starts to get cold and you don’t know how to dry the clothes. And it is nothing I do not like the cold, but if I think about the clothes, I like even less.When low temperatures, I can have the clothes lying several days on the balcony and pick it up about the same that I hung it, so the final term to dip into the dryer, which the environment and my Pocket not like nothing at all. So today I tell you some tricks that I have to dry my clothes faster in winter and that ends after my pocket with such activity. Continue reading

Wedding Invitations: Making Tips for Individual Cards

Special measures must be taken if there is a special social cause. This also includes lovely invitation cards for the guests. Especially in the case of a wedding, one should attach great importance to high-quality and especially noble wedding invitation cards, which are worthy of the solemn and unique occasion. The invitation cards for the wedding can be designed according to the individual ideas of the bride and groom. If a wedding is under a certain motto, this can be used for the invitation cards. The invitation cards can be made by yourself or you can make them.Both of course brings advantages and disadvantages.Click here to learn more about this topic. Continue reading

Garden Lighting Brings Improvements to Your Green Space

Imagine a beautiful garden in the back of your house.Well cared for plants, defined beds, paths of pebbles and even a small water source.Perfect setting to enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure with the family, right?Well, know that this space can get much better with adequate lighting.With that in mind, today I’m going to give you some tips to make the most of this special space. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Encourage the Children’s Games

Child development is strongly connected with the simple act of playing. The games allow children to practice emotional, intellectual, motor skills and social every time they’re having fun. They encourage imagination and fantasy, as well as explore feelings, reactions and experiences, making the children develop physically as a whole, gaining coordination, strength and agility. Continue reading

How to Calculate the Amount of Necessary Lamps

Know how many bulbs you must use per square meter is always a recurring issue, both for those who are going through a reform at home and for professionals. As each room presents several variables (Windows, chosen color for the walls, etc.), it is advisable to call a lighting designer to perform this task. But it is also possible that you even make that calculation, and we’ll teach you how. Continue reading

Test Date: Four Verbatim Led Lamps

To the led “Retrofit”-providers that were never tested in this blog belongs to verbatim. The subsidiary of the Japanese “Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group”sure know as a manufacturer of storage devices and computer accessories, but not as a great power in the light industry yet. What use are the expensive verbatim lamps? A first test Quartet from a series for LED foodies who don’t need to look at every penny. Continue reading

Design Ideas for Decorating a Long Corridor Without Light

How decrease the depth of a hallway, how to give a warmer side a corridor without light, how to bring a note of gaiety to a hallway dark? Discover several decorating ideas that will help make this room a pleasant place.

Have a hallway with doors and without natural light at home is fairly common. Too often neglected side decoration, this place of passage yet requires as much attention as another room to become warmer. Continue reading

Christmas: Decorations Throughout the House

Make comfortable at Christmas! Decoration, gifts, ideas-with these 50 tips are the festive season all around Nice.

Idea 1: window decorations Flowering views! Ivy inflorescences were here with floral wire to a gorgeous garland wrapped around and hung on the window. It can be great balls and star flaunting on Christmas day. Decoration from nature is not only beautiful, but is also Weihnachsstimmung. Continue reading