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Toys Of The 80

I love my children and I’m very happy with toys of the 80 who have returned to be manufactured. Here at home we have some of them but many really don’t exist anymore and leave Miss. Remember doing several picnics with friends at the play and we take our popcorn machine, was a success, how much happiness watching those popcorn jumping. In addition to the popcorn machine, loved the refresqueira that we put water. I have a feeling that my childhood was hotter than the childhood of children today. Continue reading

Why Is France Banning Plastic Glasses, Plates and Cutlery?

All of us, to a lesser or greater extent, have noticed the tendency to stop using plastic bags in supermarkets and other stores. It depends on the country in which you live, but almost everywhere there has been a before and after in which we have gone to use them free and free to have some restriction as to pay them or to see promotions of reusable bags. Continue reading

Inspired By Nature

Nature is the best source of inspiration that we can imagine. It doesn’t matter if we live in a small apartment in which not is neither a large plant, vinyl records allow us to convert our wall in a sort of garden that can grow a big tree, a fun cactus and up to a whole forest in which we see the trunks of the trees which soar towards the infinite. We can recreate a temporary winter, with branches that fold up to almost break and leaves flying creating a very real feeling that almost seems to us to hear the wind whistle announcing the fall. Continue reading

Bed Linen for Small Double Bed

Quality of life of each of us is determined by many different indicators. One of them is our appearance, because usually those with lower social status sleep less, but also can enjoy a restful sleep because of numerous problems. It is therefore important to take care of rest every night, buying not only stylish and impressive bedroom sets, but those who donated to your comfort and indescribable softness.

Continue reading

How to Choose Good Bedding Sheets

Buying sheets is not as easy as it used to be or should be. There is such a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. You can go to the store wanting plain white cotton sheets but end up so confused because you have so many different kinds of cotton, which can go home with the wrong (in most cases) or at the end of buying something, not want. The period of time, you will find yourself spending in trying to choose the right type of bed sheet can be very frustrating and buying online makes this process even more difficult because you can not feel how soft / rough fabric. Continue reading

Order in the Kitchen

Order in the kitchen. So yes, started the week with a post about the order at home, because there is nothing I get more nervous to see things outside your website. It is not that it is a maniac, but I like that everything is collected, basically because the House is more comfortable, more want to be in it and seems cleaner. In the months that I’ve been writing this blog I have done some other post dedicated to this task, namely one on 5 steps to keep your closet neat and one on keeping clutter at Bay. Continue reading