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Bkids Night Lights

My chip has integrated its large bed for some months (2 years and 4 months). It it is accustomed to following, seemingly never regret his old crib. Become “great” in his words, it is however set to be afraid of the dark at night, during sleep. Sometimes we have to leave the door to his room open on the lit corridor (some of the electricity waste this stuff but it was essential for her to fall asleep, soothed). The small pilot then she had not pretend not suffice, we needed another solution for it is no longer afraid of the dark. It was at that moment that I was offered testing a pilot. This test was very much appreciated and I said yes.

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LED Lamps: Fit on the Desktop with the Right Light

A few nice days, then we fall back. Who don’t like want to adopt from the summer, can extend at home him: with light. We will show you how you stay fit and focused on the desk with the proper office lighting also in grey weather. Because after all, autumn is also the season for crafts and decorating-and this a good lighting with LED lamps can harm nor, as in the Home Office. Continue reading

Pabobo Barbapapa Night Light

Our little heart has a new companion to prevail in the land of dreams. It’s the Lumilove Barbapapa of PABOBO brand. This isn’t his first pilot since we already have two of the same brand: Mr. perfect & the star projector. This one is really cute and he likes to cuddle him as soon as I give it to him. It is also larger and is ideal for the child plays with a little before falling asleep. Here’s what we thought…

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Advices of How to Choose a Flashlight

As a general rule, with a high performance (from 180 to 300lm light), and dosvit also at a distance of 100 to 300 meters and more. Many of them are universal and can be used in a very broad spectrum of human activity, from their use in everyday life, in nature, in sport. One of the most powerful of goodwill and in the exercise of this profession, must have a powerful flashlight so far optimally in the time zone, for example in the security forces, security guards, etc. Continue reading