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Google Plus Fits More with Google Play: May Be Installed from The Network of Social Apps from Google

Although it may not seem it, Google Plus It is a project in which Google is investing much effort and which is gradually proving to attract those who share the information in that social network that Google does not want to be called so. The latest development is rather modest, but that can help make life a little more comfortable to people who have Android and are very active in the page. Continue reading

Goal Zero: Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit

Some time ago, I was able to test the Goal Zero Nomad 13. Since this is only due to its size for everyday use, I have looked at the little brother a bit more closely this year. In addition to the Nomad 7 solar panel, the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit also consists of the Guide 10 Plus battery pack and therefore offers an all-round solution for charging a smart phone with solar power. Continue reading

Super Phones for Super Types

Internet, multimedia, design, apps or features for the business: smart phones are the Swiss army knife of mobile phones. But what is especially important to you in a smart phone? With our buying tips, you will find your personal Super phone that fits perfectly to your needs.

Include Internet and E-Mail for smart phones long mobile everyday, as well as recording and playback of photos, videos or music in reasonable quality. Many of the all-rounder also really chic look and can be extended with numerous apps almost anywhere. And who would like to use his cell phone for Office tasks, access to an appropriately equipped business model. Continue reading