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3 Saving Smartphone Tips For The Summer

The summer is here and he brings sunshine, lukewarm nights and a good mood. Well, even one or other thunderstorm must not be missing. As much as we look forward to the long days and the higher temperatures, the summer also has its shadows. For example, for our mobile phones.In order to make sure that the warm season is undamaged, we have three essential smartphone tips for the summer. Continue reading

The Iphone As An Advertising Platform-Auto-Apps Part 1

Car makers conquer the Top25 of the free apps
If you look around these days in the App-Store, you’ll immediately notice some familiar names when you look at the list of the most downloaded apps: BMW on position 1, Volkswagen on position 4, Mercedes-Benz on position 6 And Seat in place 14. It seems as if the car manufacturers in the Apple devices an interesting advertising platform opened up: With games so you try to sell vehicles. For Otto-Normal users but only one thing counts: What are the games? Before I dedicate myself to the typical racing games in the second part, let’s take a look at the games of the premium providers Mercedes and BMW. Because even if in both apps cars play the main role, it is not about the classic curve hitting.
“Expression of Joy” campaign . And there one should say again, the car makers would be bad… Continue reading

The Best IP Security Camera

An IP surveillance camera is the ideal equipment to safeguard the security of your home or your work space. To make a good investment, it is essential to choose the best model taking into account certain purchase criteria. To this end, it is essential to consider the dimensions and specimen fixation mode. So you can already consider where you’ll have it. If you want to install it inside, you will not have to find a copy in particular. By cons, for a surveillance camera outside, it should learn about the tightness of the device. In addition to these details, you need to learn about other features such as how to configure the device and its power mode. For now, here are the two most prominent models this year. The first product is Amcrest ProHD IP2M-841B, an IP camera with a very good image quality and night vision. It is a multifunction camera and recorded videos can be viewed directly on smartphones. Then the second hikam A7 which is a camera highly resistant to weathering therefore designed to be placed outdoors.

Continue reading

Is Bluetooth Headset Worth It? See Accessory Details

Wireless devices are portable and rugged, but are they worth the investment?Find it out.

Bluetooth headsets are increasingly popular, models can come with sound insulation, water resistance and smart menus.Especially with the launch of the iPhone 7 , which brought the AirPods , the wireless accessories began to gain user visibility, plus more popular brands like Beats, JBL , AKG and Pulse. Continue reading

Dispose Of The Old Smartphone Correctly

You are happy about your new smartphone, you have everything ready, the contacts are transferred and you are in the intoxication of the feelings about your achievement. But what happens with the old device? In many households, old smartphones often only land in the drawer and bum there in front of them. Or even worse: they end up in the normal rubbish bin.This also applies to computers and other electrical appliances. Unfortunately the improper disposal of the old electronics is a heavy burden for the environment. So if you can not sell your old smartphone, we show you how to dispose of it in an orderly and environmentally friendly manner. Continue reading