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Makeup for New Year Step by Step – 2015

December is almost over and you need to prepare for the great comeback! It is very important that we start the year right, we’re right with life and we samethes. and for this, nothing better than to increase self-esteem, isn’t it? Get your hair, choose the right outfit and of course, make ideal! Choose a makeup for new year super step-by-step practical and beautiful for you! Serves as much to spend on the beach, in family, in a ballad …

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Make a Stylish Nail Art in Shades of White and Red


If you are passionate about glazes and love always have their eyes on you, what could be better than two beautiful manicured hands and sensual? I will teach you to make a stylish nail art on the tones of white and red suits women and girls of all ages. I chose two colors that never fade, are fine at any time of the year and annually accompany any fashion. The realization is simple average, a little patience will be enough for a great final effect. The cost is negligible, and especially compared to the price of beauty center, is practically nil. An operation of this kind would make you spend a minimum 20/25 Euro.

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How to Have Beautiful Nails Without Removing the Cuticle

Some people read or hear something like that, you might think: “That nonsense, there’s no way!”, because, for some of us women do the nails without taking your cuticles is like taking a shower without wetting the body, being impossible without each other. But, the truth is that we created this habit, it is not necessary and not healthy.But, with strong will and determination, beautiful nails and well made, with a perfect finish and white will be the end result of your nails with cuticle. Continue reading

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I am very pleased that I am part of the new Sally Hansen campaign “Strong Women -strong Nails”, because it is about power women, their greatest strengths and most important courage. I also had to ask myself in which situation I felt as a strong woman. Not an easy question, because in the whole day-to-day life, women sometimes forget that there is a power woman in us all.

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