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Hair care products

Hair is a very special species, because they grow differently in each person. While you have a thin straight brown hair, there are people with curly voluminous Golfpunk. Of course, the country of origin this plays an important role. But clearly, that often an important factor in the assessment of a person’s hair. Deshlab should be always clean and well styled. In the following you will find a lot of tips and advice that you can take with you for the next time wash your hair and styling. So, your hair in the future looks strong and healthy!

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Hair mousse

In this category you will find Hair mousse, which you can then easily order your choice in the online shop. There are Hair mousse for short or too curly hair. Hair mousse conjures up in the blink of an eye, volume and structure in your hair: knead the hair mousse in your towel-dry hair and blow-dry it dry.

Base coats

If you wish to receive the shine of your nail polish colors longer, you’ll base coats here with our sure happy. In our huge selection of brands you will find your base coat online. Simply apply before your nail polish and allow to dry. For a stylish gel Polish, you’re wearing on your base coat as a basis and lets it dry under UV before you wear on your gel color.


When friends make soaps himself too much work is, we have put together a selection of SOAP from the online stores. Here you will find SOAP in beautiful shape and packaging, or as a SOAP dispenser. Whether as a gift, for personal use or as a simple bath accessory, on the websites, you can order these online cheap. Even if you have a scent that you particularly like, you can buy your desired SOAP in this category.


Red cheeks give you a healthy and happy appearance. In the winter you can fall back to darker colors and lighter tones, for example blush in bright pink or pink, are suitable in summer. You can either buy Rouge as a powder and apply it with a brush or Rouge creamy. This is a kind of cream and very handy for on the road, because you can wear it on with your fingers.

Pampering Care for Winter Hair

Cold, wind and air are pure stress for the hair as a mix. Episode: The hair dries out, becomes brittle and just wants to not hold the hairstyle. In the cold season, the scalp produces also less sebum. Thus lengths and tips dry out even further, the outer cuticle layer of the hair is porous, flying hair. Also the rising and setting of caps and hooded strained the delicate fibers.Therefore, now is time for special care and a few extra candies. Continue reading

Body care products

Personal hygiene is important and is part of our daily routines. So that you can feel radiantly beautiful and comfortable all round body care is essential. There is great personal care products that ease the maintenance and support. The skin is our largest organ and to feel fresh and clean, she must be maintained. Especially on the issue of moisture, our skin needs lots of care. Because it stores a large part of the water, and regulates our water balance, she can dry out quickly, if there is not enough liquid. The skin is then scaly, dry and dull. So that you feel and look healthier, you should let the needed moisture to get your skin in any other way. With proper skin care and the right products, you can counteract the dryness. Find the perfect cream or lotion for your skin and cream a best regularly after the shower you, because during showering, the skin is dried out in addition by shower gel and wash lotions. Avoid therefore also too frequent showers, not to destroy the skin’s natural protective film.

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Eau de toilette

There’s a wide selection of Eau de toilette for women. At higher and also at affordable prices is something guaranteed for every woman. Eau de Toilette is the right product for those who prefer a lighter variant of perfume. Smell good and at the same time refresh your skin, you can with an Eau de Toilette of creature. Filter by brand or Web Shop our offer and find your perfect fragrance online.

Effect coatings

Tired of ordinary Nail Polish? Are no limits online here in our large selection of effect paints your creativity. Whether glitter paint, sparkle effect you’ll find gloss or crackling effect – here lots of arguments, spice up your style! To make your irresistible look longer, simply top coat apply a layer and enjoy your individual creation longer.