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How to Make Eyelashes Grow Faster

The desire of many women is to have beautiful eyelashes, long and full, and can be recovered with only a few camadinhas of mascara. For those who don’t enjoy this benefit, there are the famous false eyelashes, which are a real weapon of power to these vain. Now, if you would like to have eyelashes naturally highlighted how about betting on recipes that can help in the growth of eyelashes? Check out: Continue reading

Hairstyles with Braids!

Is on coke, in herringbone, fringe or even on the flip side, the braid is a versatile hairstyle and infinities and styles add to the visual and may make you a little more stripped down and even very elegant. The braid is one of the world’s oldest hairstyles and is always on the rise, and the coolest thing is that new ways to use the classic arise all the time. The braid is a relatively complex hairstyle. Because you can go from the simplest to the most elaborate. Continue reading

Makeup Tips – Mary Kay!

Gentyyyyyy, today’s continuation of the video with the Mary Kayproducts, but now with makeup tips. First I want to thank all the comments and it makes me happy to know that suuuuuuuper are enjoying the videos and in particular to the video I did of skin care using Mary Kayproducts. But back to the subject today, and while it’s still summer, and that the Carnival is right there, I’m going to show you some products that will fall like a glove so you get that vibrant shade and muiiiiiita durability we need. Ana Carolina brought me some productive genteeeeeee, for all, the Mary Kay products really are worth, actually do what it says in your description. Continue reading

Makeup Tip to Work!

Monday, the international day of the diet, get tight in the Academy, international day of laziness, and indeed why not put all that aside and take the opportunity to innovate in makeup to work? Today’s tutorial that Vasundhara prepared for you with a Joker makeup, one that goes with everything-the work happy hour, i.e. that makeup that every woman should know to save the day is a makeup simple, easy and quick to do. To make the makeup I used all products from Natura, which you can find with several resellers around the country, certainly has a closer to you! Continue reading

Nails for the Carnival!

Hello, Hello people, the Carnival has arrived, delicious holiday to enjoy with looks and accessories well. As our Brazil is known for our diversity we can include people that wasting joy and not afraid of abuse in the colors and the most discreet. Who adoooooora if you play in this revelry has a post … today and who is more discreet or afraid to dare, now is the time! And today’s post is the one to give you courage to abuse the colored glaze and shiny. Why not? The game is played. Continue reading

Nail Polish from the Siberian Call Le

Just over 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon the new Catrice LE “Siberian Call”. Since I had little time, I could only take a quick look at it and found amazed that all the copies of the eyeshadow “Rest In The Forest” were already out of print and only one of the nail varnish C04 “Rest In The Forest” stood around. The rest was completely unaffected! This of course always attracts special attention. The must-have feeling that generally prevails with Limited Editions (you could miss the next ultimate hype product!), Was strengthened by the fact that there was only a nail polish of this apparently so desired color. My brain stopped at short notice (I do not want to know exactly how many virgin nail polishes I own!) And I hastily carried the nail polish to the cash desk. In the meantime, I have tried it already and since 5 days on the nails, so I can write you today a review to it. Continue reading

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish–“Red Valentine”

The pink paint → “pink Valentine” from the “pink + red collection” by Bobbi Brown, I had already shown you – is the second “Red Valentine” a classic red, as it already is in the name, and a perfect Valentine’s day paint. Valentines day is around even longer, but for that the Sun is shining outside and if I behind on my outfits in terms of color, it should be colorful at least on the nails.For more color and finally spring! Continue reading