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These Designer Handbags are 2013 Absolute Must-Haves

The handbag usually contains half the life of a woman. Accordingly it is indispensable for her owner and is guarded with Argusaugen!  Many women even claim that they have a small handkerchief and passionately like to buy one model after another for their own collection of bags. No wonder! After all, the market offers so many different designer handbags, all of which are super beautiful or eerily practical. But which handbags should be missing in the pocket collection this season? Here are the three must-haves from 2013!  Continue reading

Review: Wallet Chimp Sleeve, to Take the Essential

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? 🙂 OOPS, have Review today on the Blog? Yes, and it’s a subject, a subject that many of you ask me. I separated the space today to share with you my impressions, my opinion on the Wallets of the Chimp, the first national brand exclusively focused on segment of Slim Wallets of high quality… So bora pro post meet and see all this?  Continue reading

A Designer Handbag Clothes Every Woman

The perfect outfit of a woman also includes a dressy designer handbag.  This, together with other accessories, completes the exterior and is also functional and practical. Therefore, every woman who attaches importance to her style and appearance, should have several designer handbags in the closet. Different colors and forms complement the business style as well as the festive outfit or the outfit. A beautiful design, noble materials and the perfect workmanship distinguish designer handbags. Therefore, the fashionably oriented lady should be a bit choosy when buying her handbags. Continue reading

Latam Announces that Per Checked Bag on Domestic Flights

As of March 14, airlines will be authorized to charge passengers for suitcases, according to ANAC regulations.

The Gol had already informed, in a statement, that”will have a cheaper fare class for those customers who are not the baggage and separately offer the option to purchase a franchise to be calculated per unit, according to the dimensions and weight stipulated… The The first will be cheaper than the second, which will be cheaper than the third. And so on”. However, Gol has not yet reported the price list. Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Handbags – Prices, Models

Models and Prices of Louis Vuitton Brand Handbags

Louis Vuitton handbags are very successful here in Brazil and even more successful outside the country with many models, core, and different sizes you can buy with very different prices Louis Vuitton handbags succeed with women of all ages whether they are more mature or more beautiful new models that are going to drive you crazy, now see the models and prices of Louis Vuitton handbags, and buy your Louis Vuitton handbag and even more beautiful and stylish fashion show with the most successful handbags worldwide. Continue reading

With the Toiletry Travel

What do you call it? Toiletry bags, bag, cosmetic bag, beauty case, wash bag, beach bag, wash bag or toilet bag? Maybe do you get also vanity ? So the case for cosmetics of any kind was derived from the Latin for “necessary” once? Earlier, but it was a necessary bags for sewing kit, what has become over the years an important container for all kinds of cosmetics & toiletries. And since “cultura” is Latin for care, hence the description of the culture bag was born. Continue reading

How to Use Each Type of Feminine Handbag:Tips and Ideas to Inspire

Discover the universe of the most varied models of women’s bags and check out the looks of the bloggers in different styles to inspire women of all tastes

“Always remember the rule: a good accessory always changes clothes, for evil or for good,” says Professor Vanderly Loureiro, professor of Technology in Fashion Design at Anhanguera University in São Paulo. Continue reading

Backpacks For Use With Suit Without Losing The Style

A challenge for those who work with formal attire is to find a bag that fits the visual without making the set lose in elegance and style, after all, the idea of who work like that is just always be impeccable in the corporate environment or in the presence of some important client. When we choose a backpack to accompany the suit gets even more complicated, because the accessory is generally designed in sports versions to pair with a custom or even an outfit more aligned, although casual. Continue reading