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Leather bags

Leather bags are characterized by their material. Leather is a lightweight but at the same time robust material, which helps your pocket to a long life. A leather bag is the ideal companion for many shopping trips or traveling.

Beach bags

Beach bags offer space for towels, bikinis and snacks. The bags are summery and often made of lightweight materials. Basket bags with colorful inner lining are typical bags for the beach. A must-have so if we want to look trendy on the beach. To do this, flops, bikini top, Pareo and sunglasses fit flip.

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Trend bags, it bags clutch or evening bags: Here you will find the perfect bag for any occasion. Whether to work, while celebrating in the clubs for the next wedding or shopping – in our handbags we stow away pretty much everything: Mobile, notebook, hankies, perfume, lipstick, and, and, and. But it must be also not always a classic bag. Also backpacks or college bags are an alternative and are among the hot trends of the year!

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Deluxe Shopping Bags: Make It Not Always the Jute Bag

You know it yourself, the grocery store closes in a few moments, the jute bags are somewhere at home and you have no choice to buy ugly plastic bags to safely transport the purchases than for expensive money just once again. There the bag designer figured out just what that new collections are full of stylish bags shopping bags design. Of course, you must use these bags not only for shopping, they are certainly too bad, but you can do it in any case. The envious looks are a sure sure, if you talk not so a little bag, but disappear for the products in a noble part of the designer. I looked at times the bags me and was really immediately excited. I will not deny that you, that’s why I imagine a few of the new shopping bags even. Continue reading

What Type of Handbag Suits Me

Remember how I told you I would come many new features? Yes, today I will present to you Camila Colaneri, who’s an astrologist, psychoanalyst, reikiniana and taróloga.

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Bowling bags

The bowling bag is currently experiencing her comeback. There are these bags in the classical form of a bowling bag now in many bright colors and made of different materials. The semicircular bag is a practical bag with its two relatively short handles. You can store important information in a bowling bag, because it offers sufficient space friends without seeming too clunky. Use the filter function to a bowling bag in red to find classic black or yellow.

Aunts & Uncles Bags

If the aunts and uncles of aunts & uncles to the tea parties, then you can certainly be, that it is anything but boring. And also the latest visit of “cute nieces” aunts & uncles is somewhat unusual. The adorable bag ladies of Nice nieces collection are special characters and this is demonstrated by its sloping exterior, the unconventional details, and its exceptionally unusual forms. Continue reading

Fringe bags

There are not just the fringe dress or the fringed boots to the new boho chic trend, but also the fringe bag. She recalls one or the other determined season. But the fringe bag can do even more. At the time, hypen the big designer bag with hanging strands and come up with all possible designs. While the classic black or brown bag had normal straight fringes, there’s this today in other sections. But also new tie-ups, tassels, additional applications, or color variations are conquering the market. It is now high time to go for a fringe bag. Especially in the spring, you will need them.

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Capes-laptop bags

Cloaks laptop bags are incredibly handy by its strap. But they can be also at the same time stylish. There’s a wide selection of cloaks laptop bags that you quite simply your laptop and many other little things can stow at There are pockets in great colourful and water-repellent materials, made of fabric or leather. Different sizes from 13 to 17 inches make sure your laptop is guaranteed also has plenty of space. Filter the range by brand, colour or Web shop and find your perfect laptop bag online.


In this category you can find everything about ladies backpacks, what your heart desires. Backpack is but not equal backpack, though all have one thing in common: they’re super handy, because you have the hands free with them. There are sporty models, which have a very high comfort and are not affected. You will find here large models, which are suitable for travel or small backpacks that are perfect for a stroll. Backpacks have now filed their old image and have become part of the trend.

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Why Are the Perfect Christmas Gift Bags

Every year on the new one the question arises, what one because time could give his loved ones shortly before Christmas. It’s always surprising how quickly Christmas is just around the corner and you surprised noted that there is still no single gift. And that’s why I can only advise everyone, to give away bags… Watch anytime and anywhere and there will be no one who needs no bag. Whether for travel, sports, for the next purchase, for the school or university or simply as Acccessoire. You should know well enough the recipient anzunehmenderweise to assess, what type it is and about which bag he would enjoy the most. For the ladies, this is actually not so difficult, because we appreciate everything that has to offer the world of the bag. Continue reading

Checklist: Hand Luggage – What Is Allowed in and What Not?

It takes to a summer holiday still awhile, why so not in the meantime go away and what others see? And because you need not so much luggage on a spontaneous short trip over the weekend, hand luggage is sufficient often completely.

Who travel with hand baggage only, saves the wait at the baggage claim area and check in the hotel, while others sit in the airport shuttle. But on the issue of cabin baggage some is pure generally note – what exactly can and then better heard in the checked baggage? Carry-on baggage is not equal to hand luggage, almost every airline has its own rules with respect to size and weight. So, it is recommended to respect in any case exactly on the conditions of his airline. Continue reading