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4 Use Store: Clothing and Accessories Online!

Picture the scene … You need to renew the closet or simply want a new accessory to give that “up” on look of the day then, for that, you take the car and go to a real marathon in trade:terrííível, is a transit hours running in search of a spot to Park , passes in front of all the Windows but nothing attracts and you end up coming home empty-handed. The result of all this effort? Gastritis nervous! Hahahahaha! Continue reading

This Week’s Cape: Autumn Clothing

I don’t know how it’s been in other parts of Sweden, but in Stockholm was soon punctured to end summer this weekend. The fall came in the form of a omutbart rainy weather that put the final nails in the coffin of delicate shoes and holidays free of outerwear. This week’s Cape is then. Olof lifted a week agothe waxed jacket Excell and hit at the same time, a blow for Barbour. But the English are not the only ones with impregnated garments. For those who are not prepared to throw out nearly as much money as Barbour requests, Spanish Zara developed a wallet-friendly options. How well the Spaniards understand creating clothes adapted to the windswept North remains well to see, but the jacket is really nice and the price tag of about 1300 SEK is pretty f rlåtande. Continue reading

Fashion Sunglasses!

If you have an accessory that I love passion is sunglasses! In the same way as have the sets of clothes, also has the fashion for glasses. I love the colored, mirrored, because they give a tcham in look, it changes the mood of our day instantly! The most desired models right now are those of Fendi, Dior, Illesteva and others but, each more fashion and daring than the other! Remember those mirrored lenses that have been considered over? Today they returned in different colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, there are many shades and patterns. Continue reading

How about Inviting the Bridesmaids with a Piece of Jewelry?

This is the proposal of Bridesmaid Giftline, created by Danish Pandora jewelry. The idea is that brides present your bridesmaids, in the Act of invitation, with a beautiful piece that has the style of them. Thinking in this way, each sponsor can have your own piece of jewelry that will last forever as well as the friendship that unites them. Continue reading

Ties: Statement and Dress Code

The Gentleman Blog posted three exclusive excerpts from Bernhard Roetzels new book “Fashion Guide for men”. The first part explains the renowned style critic and author of the standard “of the gentleman.” Hand book of classic men’s fashion”, what is it with all the various ties to.” Find here which statement in which tie resonates and what situations require what tiesdress code. Continue reading