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Crizal: Eyeglasses Not Out Of Fashion

Since they were invented, in 100 years, the glasses are part of daily life for everyone, whatever your actual use to help with the vision or even as a symbol identification of groups (we showed in this post, remember?). Nowadays, even those who do not use the grade does not relieve the dark. They are also inserted in fashion as an accessory of style, with several brands doing special collections and models more and more beautiful. So if it was the time to wear glasses was not a pretty thing, and today we have a new Muse that cannot do without your eyeglasses in any awards. You know who is? Continue reading

10 Tips On How To Use Panama Hat In Summer

The Panama Hat, despite the name, was created and is still manufactured in Ecuador with plant straw Carludovica palmata, incidentallyyour story has already been approached by the Male Channel in this article. As this is an accessory made with a material that is light and fresh, it becomes critical for protection from the Sun, especially in the summer, giving vent to a multitude of combinations of men’s clothes of various styles. Let’s look at some tips on how to use it: Continue reading

Gloves with fur

Gloves are simply indispensable in winter, because the hands freeze very quickly. There are many different types and models. Gloves fea­ture is with fur, so there where they end up, having a fur on the wrist. This is a trendy accessory from a really practical glove. Many of these fur gloves are lined inside with fur, making them particularly cuddly.


There are gloves and mittens of different brands in all colors and materials. If you freeze like most women, quickly on the hands, gloves are a must-have in the winter. And thanks to the beautiful design spice she the one or the other outfit on. Whether your heart beats now for leather gloves or gloves made of rope, is do not care. Because for every taste and occasion you can find the perfect glove at Bridgat.

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Maternity dresses

There’s gorgeous maternity dresses. The online shops show that maternity must be no longer boring. For every occasion, you will find the most suitable: If your maternity dress should be festive, comfortable or suitable rather for the day at the beach, you know best. Easily you can find a dress for pregnant women in the fashion Finder, if you sort for example by price, shop, or color. So, your fashionable maternity dress is home quite quickly with you.

checkered scarves

Karoschals for the winter 2014

Checkered is complicated? Not a bit. The Karoschal is trendy this winter than ever and promises also a warm neck in addition to a stylish look. Whether Maxi cloth, knitting or cashmere scarf – main thing the necklace is checkered. The Karoschal perfectly to the simple dark winter coat. Classic red is the Karoschal and thus super suits the denim shirt or Boyfriendshirt. Also, a classic among the Karoschals is the caramel color end scarf by Burberry. The brand has made famous the distinctive check pattern and stands for a Scottish look. Cheap Burberry scarves are only used there or at the flea market. But worth the investment, because a classic that you accompanied more than a winter scarf is the Burberry.

Melons hats

Melon hats a melon Hat gives your outfit a whole new look. Originally worn by the English middle class, adorns the melon hat made of hard felt our heads now. Portable, melons hats are a trendy accessory for ladies and for many occasions. The shop includes classic black models as well as fancier hats in bright colors with embellishments such as springs or embroidery. Filter our range by brand, colour or Web shop to find your new melon hat faster.

iPhone cases

Apple’s iPhones are the most popular smartphone models in their time. Just because they are so popular and every second to have an iPhone seems we would lend an individual touch to our phones and Spice up your design using a cell phone case. Here you will find many beautiful iPhone cases and cases. This protection covers in the online stores offer is getting bigger and individual. Stylish cases for your iPhone make it an envisages possession. Filter by your iPhone model, decide on a pattern that fits to you and still online to order your new iPhone case!

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