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Ties: Statement and Dress Code

The Gentleman Blog posted three exclusive excerpts from Bernhard Roetzels new book “Fashion Guide for men”. The first part explains the renowned style critic and author of the standard “of the gentleman.” Hand book of classic men’s fashion”, what is it with all the various ties to.” Find here which statement in which tie resonates and what situations require what tiesdress code. Continue reading

Crizal: Eyeglasses Not Out Of Fashion

Since they were invented, in 100 years, the glasses are part of daily life for everyone, whatever your actual use to help with the vision or even as a symbol identification of groups (we showed in this post, remember?). Nowadays, even those who do not use the grade does not relieve the dark. They are also inserted in fashion as an accessory of style, with several brands doing special collections and models more and more beautiful. So if it was the time to wear glasses was not a pretty thing, and today we have a new Muse that cannot do without your eyeglasses in any awards. You know who is? Continue reading