Casual Summer Look

September is here and thus also the month begins with the official beginning of autumn. I’ve been busy the past few weeks “supposed” summer so much prefer to cuddle with my son there’s still fix a casual summer look from me. It is not spectacular, rather a little casual. But when Mommy, I like it rather convenient and practical. That this must however not always bleak look I can prove you today with my outfit. To shoot an outfit on the fly is difficult even a little with the little Prince. So he had to go with the image.

My clothes style currently reminds me a little of my teen time, reported by Thefreegeography. At that time I walked even more sporty. Sneakers and a cool pair of jeans were there every day. I liked to style me, too, but I saved the me for the weekend. Finally, the guys should have some variety and not every day a top styled look. Yes, I really had these thoughts. Whether it is at that time probably noticed the guys? In two weeks, we have our 1o year class reunion, which we had moved to 1 year. Therefore, there are already 11 years old.Incredible how long that is already here. My former classmate will be still so as before? I must confess that I no longer all have too many memories of my classmates. I have a very bad memory of the name. Anyway, I’m a little curious on my former classmates. Like you mean today’s look? Have you been on a class reunion?