Breathable Waterproof Cycling Jackets

2012 My third Vätternrundan, worse rain was predicted and it was katstrophal. Five days earlier, when Halvvättern, the conditions were similar to bad and my Jeantex jacket at the end.

A new jacket was needed.

On the Bike Expo Vätternrundan there was a level of Gore Bike Wear and stand personnel came from Gore from Germany. Quickly we were talking and I with the Gore Oxygen raincoat . Under his arm at checkout The price was steep for that time and about 10% more expensive than in Germany. But the arguments of the Gore-people had convinced me.

Two days later, I knew what I had bought. Without this jacket I had not come to the lake. Since then me the Gore Oxygen analysis and is also in the 2016 er Vätternrundan she held absolutely tight.

But the oxygen is not only tight. No, it breathes well and is for use if necessary even as additional warming layer.Namely, they fit in the middle back pocket of most jerseys, albeit geradeso.

What would be, I always thought that if there was a jacket the same dense as the Gore Oxygen is, but lighter and smaller, so you get them as a windbreaker in the back pocket?

This jacket is now available!

Die Gore Bike Wear ONE 1985 GTX SHAKEDRY

The ONE 1985 GTX Shakedry is a tribute to the first Gore Rain Jacket from 1985:
No other jacket, the Bike clothing so revolutionized how the GIRO jacket of Gore (orange jacket in the photo below). As early as 1985 it was waterproof, breathable, packable and with radtypischem section.

On the #EurobikeShow I was the ONE touch and try on 1985th

From the performance in the dry I’m excited: Wafer-thin material, good cut, super packable, very light with only 116 grams and, last but not least, in black, which looks simply great.

The jacket is so easy, because it consists of only one layer of the lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX Active simultaneously laminate without additional fabric layer as the outer material.

Lt. Gore Bike Wear the jacket should be as tight as my Oxygen, but again breathe better.

The Gore-press conference which was confirmed by a French cyclist, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten.

He said that the jacket was felt hard, so he sometimes forgets that he wears them.

He also was skeptical at the beginning, because the jacket is so thin. But, he said, his concern would be completely dissipated.

After all, Gore, the jacket after a downpour by simply shaking out should be dry in seconds. Gore calls this SHAKEDRY product technology ‘. A dry jacket in the back pocket is of course much better than a wet :-).

If this is true, the ONE 1985 GTX SHAKEDRY is the silver bullet among cycling jackets.

Interessante Features

The ONE 1985 GTX SHAKEDRY seems to be thought out from start to finish.

Front has the zipper a, chic held in red, gutter’, ie a material overlap, so neither wind nor moisture can penetrate through the zipper.

The wide collar is specially designed and can be adapted by its Velcro closures individually to the neck.

If you open partially the zipper for extra ventilation, the wide collar must not be opened. Which is great!

In the back part, the jacket is extended to protect the buttocks well. Furthermore there is a back pocket where you can store for example. Gel. How to get better at longer journeys in the rain to his meals. Otherwise the back pocket for the jacket is used. It stuffs the ONE easy in this bag. The transport bag is so always. Great!

Whether the jacket holds in terms of water resistance and breathability what it promises, I can not say to the first fitting of course. We will see.