Brands of Portuguese Bikinis with International Projection

4 brands of Portuguese bikinis that are giving talk across borders.

Brands of Portuguese Bikinis with International Projection

We have already shown you the best brands of national bikinis . But does the world know them? For we say yes, and so do we.
They are brands that, as you know, are 100% national, from conception to product, but they sell to Portugal and other countries in the world.
The great launch of these brands began with Social Networks, which were undoubtedly the largest means of communication of the same. The sale began to be made through Facebook and, from there, the growth in the number of fans was so significant, that the online stores came to appear almost naturally.

Brands of Portuguese Bikinis with International Projection 1

4 brands of Portuguese bikinis with international projection


According to bombeBikini, PAPUA, brand of bikinis created in 2012 at this time already exports to the whole world, through its online store.In you can order your bikinis in what corner of the world.”WSW (We Ship Worldwide !!)”, is how the brand gives good news to international brand fans.The bikinis, as could not be left, will be sent from Portugal.


A brand that comes from the inspiration of the travels of its creators would eventually reach the whole world, right?Well, the Cantê began from word of mouth to social networking created a “awareness” and search for the brand, which allowed a considerable growth from the first year.Demand is no longer limited to national boundaries and today the brand already sells to the entire world, from Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

Brands of Portuguese Bikinis with International Projection 2


Despite being a newer brand, created in 2013, LATITID is already known outside the country.A brand whose inspiration comes from big cities, cosmopolitan and very urban, like London or Barcelona and that already sells to almost all the countries of Europe, the United States and Brazil.All this in just 3 years and from the online store.From Porto to the world!

Brands of Portuguese Bikinis with International Projection 3


A brand also created in the north of Portugal, in Guimarães, NYOS is a brand with only one year of life but, as it could not be, it already sells to the world. The irreverent patterns inspired by paradisiacal places make anyone lose his mind, both inside and out.
It pays to peek at each of these brands, right? It is always good to know that our country continues to be recognized abroad and that what is national is really good.