Bra with Straps Fashion Trend

All about the BRA Strappy top with straps, which is fashion trend, check out photo with looks and fashion information.

Trends, especially in the question of women’s fashion, appear constantly, some are gaining visibility and grip, others vanish as suddenly emerged.

In this way at various times of the year, there is a new trend that really picks up, and drives to the manufacturers of clothing, mainly women to innovate, because it can be a good business to bet at the moment.

Every year various kinds of trend are born or reborn, the retro fashion, for example, with some modifications, returned to the streets and still doing great success. But one of the trends that gained wide attention last year was the fashion of the BRA with straps, which promises to stay awhile.

The bras are in various designs and colors, but what has appeared more in the street was black in color. Use wide races with the BRA with straps or strappy top turned a real called fever. Several casual and popular stores like, Marisa, Renner and C & A have the parts in this model, not to mention the shops specializing in lingerie that are also inside of the trend.

Popular trade sites you can also find the product, as neighborhoods such as Bras and Bom Retiro in São Paulo capital, have several retail and wholesale stores that sell lingerie.

The piece is not really cheap, but it depends on the model, prices start from 30.00 per, but there are some that the value can go from R $100,00.

For those who do not want to be out of fashion, but also need to save money, some people find ways to adapt normal Bras, for the Top Model Strappy and spending little you can join the fashion.