Boyfriend Style Watches

Recently, it has been observed that watches are becoming more and more the focus of jewelry lovers.Then the new clock is drawn, a photo shot and put into the net.And then they start running, the compliments.Not just a watch you own, but usually a watch for any style.Latest trend: Boyfirend Style watches.Just wear a watch that is actually made for him.Filigree was yesterday, today it may be striking.These 3 watches in boyfriend style are especially good for us.

1. London:Boyfriend Style in casual look

It will be quite rustic. Because the clock London by Jacques Lemans is quite rustic. It carries the adventure, the nature and a trail of wilderness already in itself formally. And why should only men profit from it?Very accurate! So she grabs you, girls!
The distinctive brown leather strap is the result of a low profile, but silver details on the case lend the gassing a touch of luxury.After all, you have to face the urban jungle with a little style.For this, jeans and a casual shirt, as well as a brown leather shoulder bag.Do not combine too much jewelery, just a few unobtrusive rings and a narrow chain.

2. Wristwatch Liverpool:Sporty Boyfriend Style

You’d rather have something sportier?Then the Liverpool watch is sure to be something for you.This stylish watch comes in a beautiful color combination with blue and silver, a classic combination with which you can not go wrong.This watch in boyfriend style fits all looks, from leisure to business.A great thing: Just flip up a casual shirt and look out for this pretty clock.In addition, a pair of jeans, a pair of pretty silver bracelets or a pair of wrapping bracelets, a sporty look with a boyfriend style watch.

3. Watch Kevin Costner Collection: Elegant Boyfriend Style

After we had now 2 chic chronographs, it goes to the end also a little more classical. This is exactly how you can call this chic men’s watch from the Kevin Costner Collection. You can actually style all the outfits that deserve an elegant touch. The elegant combination of gold, black (always goes) and white on the wrist is incredibly great. In addition, this watch is not too distinctive and kept very simple. It is reflected on the essentials, a clear language of form. This boyfriend style watch is an investment that is definitely worth it.
My tip:Combines simple jewelery in gold, which gives a very elegant Looik, which is not however exaggerated or imposed.

Which of these watches in boyfriend style do you like best?How do you like the look in general?