Bobbi Brown Nail Polish–“Red Valentine”

The pink paint → “pink Valentine” from the “pink + red collection” by Bobbi Brown, I had already shown you – is the second “Red Valentine” a classic red, as it already is in the name, and a perfect Valentine’s day paint. Valentines day is around even longer, but for that the Sun is shining outside and if I behind on my outfits in terms of color, it should be colorful at least on the nails.For more color and finally spring!

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish–“Red Valentine” from
Pink + red collection 2013

  • 2 coats “Rock Solid” (essie)
    • 2 coats “Red Valentine” (Bobbi Brown)
    • 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

Order & opacity:Added – I had today a bad paint day, got confused vial and first applied the topcoat as a basecoat, everything from painted, newly started and then a shaky hand on the lacquer – still has everything very well folded and proportionate with the narrow brush by Bobbi Brown the job worked out well. As regards the opacity, I was seriously excited: wonderfully opaque with a layer!

Dry season:Even without “good to go” the varnish has dried already quite quickly. Since I had to patch a few small flaws, I have applied times still no topcoat, which means that the paint had already alone a dry season. With “good to go” did it take then less than 10-15 minutes until everything was dried out.

Color:A classic red is slightly darkened. Thus, it is particularly elegant. In the photos it comes out a little brighter because of light.

Overall:I have just a few Red paints in my collection and this is definitely the most beautiful shade of red of it. Also, the paints by Bobbi are all really great, I like the quality and in terms of opacity, they are really great!

Purchase recommendation:Yes!