Bike that Can Be Stored in a Backpack

An electric bicycle transforms the concept of portability. It’s the Impossible, bike that seeks financing on the Kickstarter and promises to be foldable to fit in a backpack. Developed over three years by a group of Chinese engineers, it has a compact electric motor that reaches speeds up to 20 km / h without the slightest effort of the driver.

Electric motors are not recognized for being lightweight, but even with one, Impossible is only 5 kg. If on the one hand this seems too much to carry on the back there, on the other hand it is a convenient weight to store in a backpack and carry in the collective transport, or trunk according to THESCIENCETUTOR.

The bike has ten 2900 mAh batteries, which can be charged to household outlets. With full load, the Impossible is able to cover a maximum distance of 24.8 km, which can vary depending on the irregularity of the terrain and the weight of the rider. By the way, speaking by weight, it is recommended that the user does not have more than 85 kg. As the set is made of an aluminum alloy, a greater weight can compromise its structure and cause risks to the driver.

An intelligent solution of the design of the bicycle is celim, which in addition to accent, transforms into the case to load the bike folded. The Impossible aspect defies what we consider common in terms of bicycles. Designed for portability and city use, it has small wheels, simple handlebars and space for foot support. There’s no way to pedal one of these.

If all goes as planned in the financing project, developers hope to start delivering the bikes in August 2015 in white and black. Until then, interested parties can contribute to the project via Kickstarter for a fee of $ 377 (approximately $ 968 in direct conversion). The product will be delivered in Brazil.