Best Water Bottle for Cycling

For who is preparing for a long bike ride, whether it’s a simple Sunday outing with friends, or a real workout, it is essential to always have on hand a bike bottle, obviously filled with water or mineral salts to quench your thirst during the activity and avoid any possible risk of poor hydration.

Best Water Bottle for Cycling

Why buy a water bottle for your bike? How to choose it?

The fans of this sport are well aware that cycling is a sport that makes you sweat a lot, not only if practiced during the warmer months, but also in the case of particularly intense workouts performed in autumn and winter.

Maintaining proper levels of hydration during exercise is very important in all disciplines, but especially for cycling, in which the level of service is to be always high and constant.

In choosing the canteen to buy you need to put a lot of care, evaluate with particular care the material it is made of, even in light of the type of use to which they will do, more or less frequent, for example, and especially considering the type of liquid that the water bottle should contain according to waterbottlesshop website.

Polyethylene with a stopper made of polypropylene; glass or aluminum models are virtually disappeared from the market, because far too heavy and unwieldy.

Insulated canteen models, able to keep drinks even during the summer months, are also equipped with an isothermal lining and a plug designed to prevent excessive rise in temperature of the liquid contained within.

When you buy a bottle, the first thing to do is smell it: you have to feel a slight plastic odor, which obviously will disappear after the first wash be performed strictly before use, but if you feel an unpleasant odor, too intense or too similar to the smell of the oil, then forget it.

Always make sure the cap is solid enough to withstand repeated opening and closing movements, and read the instructions in the canteen before using it to hold hot beverages.

Of course, consider the size of the bottle, it will be more or less depending on the average duration of training, staff hydration needs and especially a universal model in such a way as to fit any bottle cage.

After each use, remember to thoroughly wash the water bottle, even in the dishwasher if the material is made, leaving it to air dry, maybe upside down on a dish towel.

If you want to be able to choose their own bike water bottle from a large number of models, different by brand, size, color and price range, then it’s worth taking a look on our site, where you can find a wide assortment for this type of article.

Prices for this kind of article is overall pretty content and accessible: starts at a minimum price of about 5 euro for models maybe not overly spacious, we then move on to numerous articles with prices ranging between 10 and 15 euros, almost all with thermal coating, up to more sophisticated models, also with built-in straw for easy use during practice with a maximum price that still remains less than 30 euros.