Best Toys for Babies-Tips

It is very important that parents pay attention to their babies’ toys. In addition to distracting and entertaining, objects help in the interaction and development of the little ones.

Choosing toys observing far beyond their appearance is crucial. They should be playful, educational and safe so they do not pose a risk. Here are some tips:

Baby Toys Tips

Boss, The Blue Dinosaur Puppy: The toy is a cute blue teddy dinosaur that has a pocket to carry your puppy, trembling in the syrup, a small mirror in his right arm and emits sound as he squeezes his left leg. The product is interactive, fun, packed with activities for the baby. The product also stimulates the hearing, visual, manual and tactile capacities, and is certified by Inmetro, meeting the safety standards. The sale in the online store, the price is $129.90.

Jungle Friend Hipo Calesita Green and Yellow: Hipo comes with spinning gears, super colored didactic blocks that lift when they are docked. The toy also opens its mouth and teeth, which are blocks. The lid opens to lock and lock the blocks. The toy still comes with handles for the baby to take his little friend for a walk. When the game is over, the handle folds to save. In the Shoptime online store, the value is $134.91.

Smartphone Musical:beautiful device that provides development and fun for the baby. With 16 songs, animal sounds and cell phone sounds, they amuse the baby.Recommended for children over 18 months. In the Rihappy online store, the value is $39.99.

Rattle Cauldron lights:the toy stimulates the visual development and the motor coordination of the baby. It has a suction cup to attach to the feeding chair. Indicated for more than six months. At the Baby Boo on line store, the value is $74.90.

Bee friendly:at 16 cm, the flower vibrates when pulled. The colors and textures are varied to stimulate the baby’s senses.The bee is cute and easy to grasp. It has a ring that is adequate also in the period of the dentition. You can hang it in the crib or baby stroller. In the shop the value is $80,91.