Best Body Shaping Underwear Reviews

For those occasions where we must make a good figure, you will find here body-shaping underwear. This category offers you belly way briefs, slips and waist Shaper. The little helpers that women sometimes need to ask yourself all the time in the evening are: everything is still properly? Whether under the tight dress, the figurbetondenden pants or the new Bleistifrock, the underwear for the correct form won’t let you down, when it comes to the abdomen or legs in position. You can find shape-wear from the online stores in a wide range of price categories. Filter links simply out the products that are in your budget.

Shape-Wear Body

Without having to focus on a “problem area”, a shape-wear body manages to bring quite simply several body areas in the perfect shape. Legs, stomach, chest and hips are shaped at the same time and only with a shape-wear part. A shape-wear body perfectly can be worn under dresses and business outfits and guarantees a well feeling for the entire day.

Shape-wear for the belly

No matter how much it is tiring, sometimes the body just don’t want so as you want. For those who have this problem and just with her belly the wrangle, shape-wear is ideal for the belly. Whether as a slip or belt, shape-wear for the belly tightens unwanted P√∂ltzterchen and perfectly prepared one for the tight dress. On Bridgat you will find all shape-wear for the stomach, which will help you in your clothes to feel.

Shape-wear pants

Who wants to kill two birds with one stone, which takes pants to a shape-wear. It sits mostly waist, so that both the stomach and the legs are streamlined. The shape-wear pants can be adapted by color variations on the own outfit and offered elegant decorated with lace and transparent applications. The shape-wear pants makes you look in your jeans to eat and shaping thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The dream of every woman.


On Bridgat you will find a wide selection of trendy brands such as DKNY, Hunkemöller, Gilda. Shape-wear specialists such as Maidenform, MAGIC BODYFASHION or item m6 allow you a variety, so you can find exactly the shape-wear on Bridgat after you were looking for.


You have found your perfect shape-wear, but still something outside your budget? Select your shape wear trousers, body or slip with the Bridgat SALE alert Bell and find out immediately if your shape-ware favorites are reduced. No matter whether 10 or 70% of the SALE alert Bell is ringing, if a discount is granted.