Bat Blouse: Photos and Tips

The bat blouse are on the rise in the next season, this is good news, especially because this type of blouse favors almost all body types and are super tours to wear at any occasion. The bat blouses value the look. The bat blouse, are those that the sleeves leave the waist wide and only close in the fists or the ¾, have gained this name for resembling with the wings of the bats.

There is a wide variety of models, so it is important to try before buying, as they are bulky can evidence some body parts and do not value the silhouette of some women.There are models that leave the shoulders exposed.

How to Wear a Bat Blouse

Women skinny

Use and abuse this blouse model, these help to shape the body, valuing the female silhouette, conjugate your blouse with shorts, jeans or tight leggings.

Chubby women

The blouses tend to give more volume to the body, to avoid that evidence the extra fat should avoid this type of model wider, choose models that help hide the extra fat, explained by BIOTIONARY.

The patterns are a hit this season, but be careful not to overdo it, you should seek balance if you opt for a standard bat with accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces should be simpler.

At the time of purchase follow the trends of colored colors, floral prints are a way to brighten your look and be fashionable.

Jacket Blouse

The bat blouses are quite versatile, they are perfect for you to wear both day and night, for occasion you should choose the right accessories, always taking into account that as they give bulk to the upper body, you should opt for tight clothing at the bottom, such as pants, shorts.

As far as shoes are concerned, you can wear your blouse with all kinds of shoes, from heeled shoes, to compensated shoes, to sabers and sandals, the choice depends a lot on the occasion and the personal taste.