Backpack: Tips for Organizing Your Child’s Daily Companion

One thing that children like is choosing school supplies and the backpack is one of the items that attracts attention. Of course she will opt for the handbag that has the fashionable characters, but you should also think of other features such as comfort and functionality.

Take your child to buy the backpack at Handbagpicks. It is important for him to be part of the choice, but talk about some points such as the size of the backpack. It should be compatible with the child’s height. Also pay attention to weight. When empty, the backpack should not weigh more than a pound. The ideal model is the anatomical one, with padded backs and backs, that fits well on the back. The straps should be at least 4 centimeters wide at the shoulder area and should not be too close together to prevent them from rubbing against the neck or being too far apart to avoid falling off the shoulders. In addition, they must be adjustable to fit the backpack well. Backpacks with various pockets and compartments are practical because they allow better organization of school material.

When it comes time to pack the bag, check with your child, if he just takes things he will really need. And beware: the weight of the required material should not exceed 10% of the child’s body weight. That is, if your child weighs 30 pounds, the limit he can carry is 3kg. If the weight is higher than 10% our tip is to choose wheeled backpack.

To avoid damaging the spine, when packing, place heavier and bulky objects, such as books, vertically as close to your back as possible. The weight your child carries should be well spread out, placing the shoulder straps on both shoulders. To save your back, you should never carry your backpack by hand or on one shoulder. And adjust the straps so that the backpack is always above the hip.