Babs Fishing Diary

Babs, the Fish and the Last Month:

For a long time I had planned, now it has finally worked. Fishing in the Netherlands with the predator Henk Simonsz. We had arranged to meet on the first weekend of June to catch pike, zander and perch.

In Holland there is so much water the better to have someone like Henk. We started at a lake with connection to the Dutch Rhine.

Unfortunately, the weather did not want to play. It was cold and raining from all the clouds. In part so strong, my, but actually waterproof jacket, was completely soaked. What a summer. But that was no reason to be in a bad mood… It was cheerfully thrown and dragged. With success:

Oh, I have a tip for the boaters among you.

Always make a safety cord on the bilge stopper: In a mooring man, to drink a warm cocoa and to plaster my first Frikandel, the boat lost the bugs of the bilge unintentionally… Of course we did not notice immediately. We went on and on. Somehow I wondered why the fenders were swimming on the water and did not hang down as usual. Fortunately, I had a couple of big rubber bands that sealed the hole, and we were able to travel home. What a great and exciting day. I would like to explore this country even more closely!

The Press and Me:

In addition, there were a few press dates. Fishing with day newspapers, as a guest in the studio for talk and my first live performance in the morning magazine “Volle Kanne” for the ZDF on Usedom, reported by Relationshipsplus.Com.

Looking into the Future:

There were green hillsides, rain and a lot of fish – that’s what I would expect when I fly to Ireland for a week.I am very much looking forward to the Irish pike and sea fish.

As always, I will tell you about it.

See you next month

Your babies