Babs Fishing Diary “October 2012”

It was a full month. Articles, trade fairs, TV shows, travel plans for 2013, many discussions for future projects and videos of my Ireland trip… Nevertheless, I managed to go after a really long time again carp fishing. Three nights in the middle of the forest. I had almost forgotten how beautifully relaxing this type of fishing can be. A few carp up to 22 kg; joined also, perfect. At the same time, there was even time to leaf through the subject.

I especially liked the fair Lure & Fly in the Dutch Maurik. Right on the water, so many boat manufacturers were on site. Great companies and lots of new baits were available and to buy. I have been fondling for a long time with a new predator fishing boat.  According to Bestfishingessentials, despite the test ride, I could not quite decide. Henk Simonsz and Ditmar Isaiasch were also on the spot, always interesting to chat with them.

Does anyone know of you the Lake Caldaro? No? Was with me so synonymous, but the ZDF wanted to have their autumn show there in the talk round. So I had first googling. Jackpot I thought to myself, the lake houses black fish. So I flew for 3 days into the still summer South Tyrol. Man, one was the planed costume, mask, Probedurchlauf, rehearsal, then record with audience. But I just wanted to go to the Black Pikes… How could it be otherwise? During the shooting at the water with Andrea Kiewel, I had the ultimate follow-up and my text was automatically replaced by thoughts: “such a… .., how do I get the now again on the hook”. I’m curious what exactly is broadcasting.

But only work is not working either… So I took a break or two and went fishing.

And see, even a short tip-over at the water can bring the desired success.

On the first weekend of October is the Anspo, I am on site.You too?

Until then.

Your babies