Babs Fishing Diary “December 2012”

The Last Month

Just back from an interesting conversation with a Dutch fishing tour organizer. The first “Babs fishing trip” will take place in April! A week fishing, about the first May, in the south of Ireland. I’m really looking forward to explore the waters with a bigger team. Mainly on pike, but also the sea and river fishing is not to be missed. I will be there a few days before, and then stand with advice and hotspots, aside.

My Highlight

Last month it was time, in early November it went for four days after goods to the Müritz. That was a weather, the first two days there were high waves of rain and storm. Nevertheless, I found the pike still in quite shallow water. Sometimes only two meters deep! According to,  luckily, I had my drift bags, so an effective fishing was possible, and I could do a lot of stretch. I mainly fished with wobblers over and beside the big herb fields.

Little by little, anglers fled, for the last two days a pike-angler from the company Zesox had arrived. Despite the weather, some great fish were caught, and it was a really nice fishing together.

The Future

We had a slightly higher water level on the Rhine for the autumn. This is precisely the time I wait for each year. For now, the first larger pike-perch stands quite close to the river. Perfect to go on tour with the spinning rod. Especially after the dusk with all kinds of flat-lure baits, at flow-calmed stone packs. Also I listened to the last weeks again and again by great bar chords. The robbers are now standing in the harbor entrances, in the sweeping streams. As long as it is still bright, I will also try my luck there.

Tight Lines,

Your babies