Aviator Nation, der Flaked Style

Since Friday, the series “flaked” (2016) has been running on Netflix worldwide:It shows the current “I am now a better person” fuss in Venice/Los Angeles – a meaning and the daily finding of true values, such as those in Berlin Mitte – or now Neukölln – would not have turned better Can.
While you are busy making the world a little bit better, you forget a date, then have a specious excuse and turn yourself into everything so that you always wanted to do the right thing. You are such a flake! Hence the name of the consignment. Netflix writes: “Will Arnett embodies chip, a man who gives his best to be always one step ahead of his own lies.”
The main character chip taken away actually has nothing more (no driver’s license, no woman, no real work) and yet so much: a green bike with cognac tires and cognac leather handles, whose best function in a coffee-to-go holder in the front Mounted wooden box (so real!). It looks nice. Just like the supersoft falling grey polo shirt, the 2016 of course is not (!) from Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, but from the 2009-based Hollywoodianer/surfer/Yoguretten-brand “Aviator Nation”. on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice/Los Angeles, the success story of the hang-loose brand took its course. Where the series also plays – a place where the rich, poor hipsters also meet in real life. So those that you can see in Berlin in Soho House.


Flaked Style

With the grey shirt we come into play as Modepilot! Paige Mycoskie, the founder of the Aviator Nation, had a penchant for vintage T-shirts and collected them.  According to vintageinconfidential, working in a surf shop, she dreamed of founding a fashion brand that exactly lives up to the original style. For this she studied the materials, seams and prints of her favourite shirts and began to make her dream come true at night on a sewing machine. After selling her hand-sewn T-shirts on a street market in California, she opened her store in Venice, as far as the American history and the so gloriously authentic “brand story” with which the shirts now for nearly 90 dollars Sell them.
In the brand’s shirts and hoodies, tags are sewn in with a lot of text. An excerpt of the label, even the actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon already felt in their backs: “I suggest not wearing it in a crowded place unless you have a couple body guards, then it’s probably OK, and if you’re already famous and wearing This garment you will most likely become super famous. ” As for this humor, I trust the hipsters from Neukölln more. I just understand why Hollywood finds Berlin so cool.
Nevertheless, I have now ordered a coolness-factor-shirt for the summer 2016-at Yoox.com. Since I found a green one for half (tag photo above).