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Charming Decoration for Bathroom!

Hello my fellow Brazilians! Let’s do one more week lit! Here on the blog has always room for one more little tip of what’s filling your eyes and that has your touch of charm. Decoration is always a subject that yields many creative ideas and, if you like, it’s like putting a piece of themselves in that environment. Love give life to every small space our House with that particular touch, isn’t it? And the bathroom, one room which is usually our corner to relax, take a bath very very time consuming, where we take care of the skin and hair, make that make special …In this environment so people could not be different. Continue reading

Westwing’s Charms!

Decorating a home is always a big challenge, especially when you know that you’ll go through those furniture every day. So, to help you in this process, I bring today to my dear readers a super hint of decoration, who still does not know the Westwing Web site. The Westwing Brazil is an online store focusing on home and decoration. The ideal is to engage store who is passionate about decorating and design, selling products of quality and style. It offers trends, design, style, art, high quality and all at affordable rates. And to help us start the year with brand-new tuuuuuudo, the site will offer discounts of up to 70% on purchases made, when I heard that, I almost had a fit, you all know how I loooove buy, new things for me amooooo, to my house, to give away , I’m a Shopaholic. Continue reading

The Flagship Engagement Ring from Tiffany

Have you ever asked why we use ENGAGEMENT RINGS as a symbol of commitment? In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked for the hand of Mary, Duchess of Burgundy, with a spiked ring with small pieces of diamonds that formed the letter “M”. This is the first historical record of an engagement ring. However, the ring as we know it today was immortalized by TIFFANY & CO, which in 1886 revolutionized the world of jewels when launched theTiffany Setting, an engagement ring with a Diamond Solitaire spiked with six claws. This classic design had six small clutches of Platinum, they cast, absurdly, the diamond out of the rim. In addition, the Tiffany Setting would glare of diamonds. Thus, although simple, this ingenious design soon became a standard in the jewelry industry. Continue reading

These Designer Handbags are 2013 Absolute Must-Haves

The handbag usually contains half the life of a woman. Accordingly it is indispensable for her owner and is guarded with Argusaugen!  Many women even claim that they have a small handkerchief and passionately like to buy one model after another for their own collection of bags. No wonder! After all, the market offers so many different designer handbags, all of which are super beautiful or eerily practical. But which handbags should be missing in the pocket collection this season? Here are the three must-haves from 2013!  Continue reading