Atom is Renewed to Win Phones and Tablets

Is the bet for the market of mobile devices. Known by the code name Moorestown, the new Atom Z6 series-based platform wants to conquer market share between smart phones and “climb” to the segment of the tablet, areas where the manufacturer-unlike with computers-will have to deal with multiple rivals.

Atom Processor Z6xx processor includes system, the Platform Controller Hub MP20 and a Mixed Signal IC (MSIC) dedicated. Processing speeds range between 1, 2 GHz and 1, 9GHz.

According to Intel, the chips support various technologies, such as Wi-Fi, 3 g/HSPA and WiMAX, and different operating systems, including Android, Moblin and Meego. There is also space to address applications such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight or Skype.

Between the features of the new platform, the manufacturer emphasizes the low consumption, a precious detail on the mobile market and that, according to the manufacturer, “will allow a Blackberry type terminal offer ten days ‘ autonomy in standby.

Low consumption added to income, that can be noted “on how quickly discharge the Web pages”, for example.

Intel warrants that the platform is prepared for a large number of mobile devices, “allowing an experience identical to that of the PC with Internet access, multitasking, graphics and quality enhanced services, such as video conferencing.

the platform already present at the Aava, LG, a 3.8-inch smartphone with an Atom of 1, 5 GHz, and a tablet of OpenPeak.