Ask Manolo – What Is Called a Coat?

Hi Manolo, i am about to invest in a classic overcoat of the British model. Fancy a single-breasted with velvet on kragoket and covered button closure, but have a few questions. This type of rock any particular name? What are the conventions and traditions are there to consider? What do you think of in terms of details and colour and material choice? Know that it is not the right season for this rocktyp now, but would appreciate some guidance. Thanks for a great blog! Mvh//Bears

There are two similar rock types that fit your description, Chesterfield and Covert Coat.Both have hidden button closure and contrasting velvet collars. What primarily distinguishes these from each other is the color, length and smaller details. Covert Coaten is originally designed for hunting and Equestrian, which especially noticeable on a relatively short and narrow-cut silhouette. Usually, the olive green or Brown, with a highly placed extra pocket originally served to store ammunition in another important detail that distinguishes this rock are the seams running horizontally along the rockärmens and rock’s trades. Chesterfieldrocken are often somewhat longer and usually in colors of camel Brown, dark blue, black or herringbone pattern. Chesterfieldrocken can t get in double-breasted design.

As always use different manufacturers of different concepts and there is therefore no reason to put too much emphasis on the very definition. What should guide one’s choice is the color and cut. Those who want to be really accurate and able to wear his coat to a dark suit should choose a dark blue, gray or camel model. Variations in rougher Tweed fabrics or green is unlikely regarded as unsuitable for urban environment in Sweden, but in somewhat more conservative style countries can they be perceived as something informal, for example, dark suit.

When it comes to rock’s silhouette and length are Covert Coaten clearly preferable for shorter people, because long coats tend to reduce the perceived impression of the wearer’s legs. Also contributing to the relatively high placed extrafickan to give the wearer a longer impression. Low placed pockets can easily give a slightly lagging sensation.