Ask Manolo: Fake Clothing

I have begun to look more and more for nice jeans on auction sites such as ebay, eBay, block etc. It’s the most RMC and Evisu I check after. What I wonder is if there is any way you can check if the article is genuine. I have found a number of pages with RMC pants for only 95 dollars and on eBay to buy Evisu for under a thousand patches that seemingly are original (with tags, etc). Think it’s strange that Evisu has zipper?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Eric!

Fake designer clothes is what makes auction shopping a concern. Individual marks have special characteristics, some of which we have written about earlier. But otherwise, there are really only three rules of thumb to go on:

  1. If it appears to be too good to be true, then it is probably it. Sellers on eBay and similar sites are no philanthropists offering clothing to under price, just to be nice. They just want to get rid of their stuff to the highest possible price. And it can not blame them for, but to think that they would have gotten off a big batch of RMC jeans to under price is probably a little naive.
  2. Tags and labels on your clothing does not say that the garment is authentic. If someone made the effort enough to copy a piece of clothing is fake labels, less of a problem. However, they sometimes made them a little sloppy, which is a clear warning bell. The eye because the labels as much as the garment.
  3. Be extra careful with vendors who have the same item in multiple sizes. Someone bought the wrong size on a pair of jeans and then sells them online-it can certainly happen. But someone has full sizes of the same item of clothing, it is a bit suspicious. Check thoroughly where the salesman got all the pieces before you buy, and remember that many brands selects its dealers with care. That Dior would select an anonymous eBay vendors as representative of their clothing, therefore, is not very likely.