Arctic Cooling Headphones Review

Pros: Good sound as well as the battery life that lasts long. It has a comfortable design for sports, adjusting very well to the contours of the head. Good price.

Cons: The materials could be better. If you have a small head not you they conform at all though they may be well adjusted.

Best price found: €20
The Arctic Cooling P253 BT headset (from about 20 euros) without cable and stereo are bestseller in Spain since that provide us for our outstanding music sound quality with the security of Bluetooth technology. We have up to 30 hours of time to listen and talk while we are connected to our songs or in social life there where we are.

They have a design that can be folded and that surrounds the neck, what these headphones have been highly recommended for sports and especially those who go to the gym, as well as being very easy to carry and store. Connect with current mobile phones, they are also used to answer calls and much more that we will comment in the next lines.

Main features

These Arctic Cooling P253 BT, stereo bluetooth headsets stand out for its long-lasting battery and sound quality. In addition to being very ergonomic to do sports as we will see below.

For a price of 20 euros on the internet , the truth is that we were surprised with the quality of sound emitted and although the type of materials that want plays its role very well.

Qualitative sound

Considering how little they cost we have seen that the headphone has a very good sound quality. Perhaps they will lose something when you talk on the phone but they are great to listen to music.

With a very nice touch in-ear design makes also avoid external sounds that bother and minimizes fatigue have jobs, something that cannot be said of many headphones since some time it hurts their ears or we become uncomfortable. No doubt are made in a way to take them more time than those known in-ear.

Well durable battery

We have up to 30 hours of continuous sound and music and the brand Arctic ensures that we have up to 400 hours if we pause. Something that would give us much time to enjoy our songs or movies before you need to load them. The Arctic Cooling P253 BT can be easily carados via USB with cable that includes the shipping package.

Connection and scope

Speakers are wirelessly to the truth they are very versatile. With the integration of your microphone it can be matched with any Bluetooth device, iOS, Android, or any phone based on Windows operating system, for example.

We have found that they are very easy to connect with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, ebooks, computers desktop and much more.

The scope as in the majority of such gadgets is no more limited, although it plays its role. It is not that we want to buy a headset to be used as walkie talkies, right?.

Versatile design

The Arctic Cooling P253 BT does not weigh anything being very light to part can fold easily.

Its buttons are very well prepared and they are easy to press and to find due to the texture of these and that stand out a bit. We have volume controllers as well as the passing songs around the of the off-hook call. The connection with the USB cable is made by the side and is well covered.

How they have already opined many users, these stereo speakers without cables are great for the gym. The reason is that the quality of audio of the songs we can use them to motivate us or entertain us in a clear manner while they are connected to our telephone and in the event that we call only we would have to press the middle button to interact. Also by the way they do not bother us and that the cables are not an impediment to exercise.

What is certain is that the materials are not the best. We thus find ourselves that touch does not seem very qualitative even if they shed a good sound quality, but it would be advisable that we treated them well.

Conclusion on the Arctic Cooling P253 BT

These are headphones that theinternetfaqs would particularly recommend to people who want or do sportslike. Although there are other alternatives with their contour neck shape, the fact that are placed on the top of the ear and not in makes the tiredness take them less and therefore more time using them you can be. Consider also that the battery has a great autonomy by which combined with design give us for many hours of running or lifting weights.

Where to buy it at the best price?

By the supply, price and speed of shipping you can buy this pair of headphones at the following link. You will see that the price is great and where usually do us orders.

Best price found:
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