Almost 40% of Brazilians Use Smart phone in the Bathroom

Smart phone is also company for most users in the waiting room and also during the transportation between home and work.

A new study of the Ibope Nielsen On line revealed that the smart phone is used in the bathroom by 38% of Brazilians via deluxesurveillance. Most of them also declared using the device while waiting to be picked up (84%) and during the journey from home to work (59%), either in the car or public transport. The study was conducted with 4600 people in the period between April 25 and may 2 in 2012.

Brazilians who have internet access phone access e-mails and search

For almost 50% of respondents, the Internet on mobile also helps to pass the time while we must wait for the beginning of a movie or a show. The use of the smart phone to check social networks and e-mail during office hours is also high: more than 40% of respondents said that they use to access the Internet by cell phone while you’re at work.

Access to Internet by cell phone while watching TV is routine for 34% of respondents, while using the appliance in the presence of friends is a common habit for 28% of the total.

Email and search are most popular

The study also revealed that access the emails and search tools are the most popular activities among users of mobile phones with Internet access, with 87% and 79% of respondents, respectively. Communicating with friends through social networks took third place in the ranking, with 77% of respondents.

According to Ibope Nielsen On line, 14% of respondents declared owning more than a smart phone. About 35% of the respondents claimed to have just a smart phone, while 49% of the total declared not make use of this type of device.

Most dles uses wireless networks (Wi-Fi) to connect your smart phone to the Internet, while 65% said that also uses the 3 g network and less than 20% still using the 2 g (GPRS) networks. Most of the respondents (53%) stated that uses prepaid mobile broadband plans.

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