A2J Bikes

A manufacturer of hand-built carbon fiber frames in the absolute world class? In Sweden? Bicycling meets the passionate enthusiasts behind the Swedish high end brand Rolo.

Two A and one J-Anders, Adam and Jon – is behind the company A2J and the new super lightweight customramen Rolo. A high-tech bike luxury projects produced in Sweden. Bicycling has met Adam and Anders.

Production of Rolo has only just begun, but already is under worldwide in selected circuits.The bike that was shown at Eurobike in August 2012 brädade many lättviktskonkurrenter through its 4.7 kg. The frame alone weighed in at 640 grams. But it’s not just the light weight that makes Rolo unique. Prospective owners will receive a frame that is also supposed to be tailored to the preferences, personal characteristics and purpose.

“We are taking the concept of custom to a whole new dimension. The cyclist’s individual riding style determines the carbon fibre we use, and how the whole frame are baked together, says Adam Wais.

A2J mean that the differences between the riders weight, riding style, strength and goal is much bigger and more decisive than their need for rechargeable bike lights in the frame’s geometry. The Ebicyclelights expertise in bicycle lights means that each bike light can be manufactured with exactly the features that are in demand. Of course, based on what is possible between parameters weight and rigidity.

Geometry, however, will always be the same as Rolo is a one-piece monocoque – all according to Jon Gunners expertise and preferences.

-Jon is one of the world’s best engineers when it comes to carbon fibre, and he felt strongly that we would run on monocoque. It is a technology that is much more sophisticated and modern, says Wais.

Other manufacturer’s customramar today, otherwise almost always about geometry. Most are produced in so-called pipe-to-pipe, where the tubes are manufactured separately and then attached together.

– With pipe-to-manifold, one can certainly get exactly the dimensions you want to have, but such a framework is not the same performance as a monocoque, since it is in a single piece and has no broken fibers, says Anders A..

Other differences

It does vary with Rolo’s geometry and the angles of the various internal sizes. To cycle to have the same properties in size XL which i S required different dimensions and degrees.

“It sounds obvious, but, strangely, not all manufacturers work this way, says A. and keeps up a graph where a number of famous brands.

Rolo is tested according to the rules at Zedlerinstitutet in Germany, and as a customer which also provides access to other tested manufacturer’s figures. According to graph many different frames for by size within the same brand. The framework can be a laid-back komfortåk in size L suddenly becomes quite aggressive in size S – despite the fact that it is the same model from the same manufacturer.

But Rolos properties – what are they? How the producers describe the feeling in their creation?

— Rolo can probably feel a bit nervous in the beginning, mainly because it is so easy. But when you’ve grown accustomed to the light, the feeling is that both snabbstyrd and stable.I feel that the swings when I think that it will swing, “said A..

A2J lifts also produce Rolos optimized aerodynamics. By a developed work with Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has under a fine figures, particularly in kantvindstester.

“We are the only small manufacturer in the world that has these skills and possibilities within the company, says Wais.

And so the magical concept of rigidity. WAIS and A. shows up even more figures from Zedler indicating that Rolo is both lighter and stiffer than all the others on the list. But what is it that makes that they can muster these numbers?

“We have taken the help of very knowledgeable people in various industries working with carbon fibre – from aerospace industry to Formel1 and Super cars, says Wais.

A google search on the company’s third husband, Jon Gunner, showing that he has been involved in, among other things, the development of Saab Aircraft, Ford GT and Koeningsegg. In the development of Rolo has also professional cyclists a act test pilots. But in addition to expertise and knowledge, it is also a matter of choice of materials – carbon fiber as well as adhesive.

A2J has chosen to sell Rolo as full cycle, and not as a single frame. The standard equipment is currently Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, handlebar from Pro and wheels made from Lightweight or Roues Artisanales. Seat post comes from MCFK, and it is possible to choose Crankset or brakes from THM. In this version weighs in at about 5.1 km Rolo.

“We have tested a variety of lightweight components in recent years and know what is easy but still holds. We refuse to compromise on performance, says Wais.

The cycle can also be ordered with the corresponding group from Sram or Campagnolo.The paint color you choose for yourself, and a carrying case are included with the purchase. But it tastes so it cost 15,000 euros is the approximate starting price on a Rolo with Lightweighthjul. Still, the orders have already started to come in. How does the prospective Rolo-customer, you might wonder?

“He looks just like you think he does. For as yet he is a buyer, says A..

“It’s a middle-aged man, with a well-paid job and biking as a hobby, confirms the Wais.

Set the light weight Rolo himself few demands on their cyclist, or one can weigh anything?

– Our 640 gram frame is actually tested, and approved to meet a skater up to 200 kilograms, “said A..

The question of weight restrictions for the cycle may therefore instead becomes a matter of the choice of wheels or brakes.

It is less than two years since the project began. Together they wanted to Wais and A. import an American bike to Sweden, but when the calculations are not merged was born instead the idea of a completely private label. Soon was the Gunner on the boat, and already six months later could a first prototype shown at Eurobikemässan 2011. Since then, the project has literally rolled on.

That framework Rolo is manufactured in Sweden is a conscious choice from the guys in A2J. Better quality, more control and faster feedback are some of the reasons they mention to their production.

“We also work from the grass-roots level in our marketing. Instead of bombarding large campaigns we go around to potential distributors and lets cyclists test Rolo on site. Then we also collected many valuable opinions, says Wais.

The freedom of a small company with just three shareholders makes it possible. In addition, they have no plans or dreams of being able to sell Rolo in more than a small scale.

“What we hope is that our customers will have more fun and are both longer and more often. Then we have succeeded, “said A..