A Distinctive Piece of Clothing

Singers wear it, actresses anyway and certainly has also the one or other politician one in the closet. Like millions of women in the world. They all can not go astray and love it:the little black.Even for designers, it is the garment that every woman should have at least once in her wardrobe.And that may mean something!

Merci Coco!

His triumph was probably due to the greatest designer of the 20th century.Coco Chanel had a short, black dress from Chanel in the VOGUE in the 1920s.VOGUE was, at that time, exactly the address to which one could turn when one sought fashionable advice and wanted to know what style is.Fashion-conscious women followed the tips of Coco Chanel and the triumph of the dress was no longer stopping.Young women wore the short dress from then on with elegance and self-confidence, a change took place.Something like this dress had not yet existed.

The cut of the dress always remains similar.The color also does not change.What is the charm of this dress for designers and the wearers?Exactly that!This unmistakable style that has shaped the dress for many decades.Coco Chanel wanted this dress to become a classic and exactly that is entered.From the basic shape, the dress has remained the same until today.A body-like cut, the length of the dress goes to the knee at the most, but is usually shorter.

But in its expressions, it varies today in many great designs, which Coco Chanel certainly would never have considered real.This begins with the selection of fabrics (silk, velvet, satin) and stops with the incorporated patterns on the dress.There are models with short, fitted sleeves and other variants with long sleeves, which for example with a delicate, filigree lace pattern the eyes.Many a dress has a slightly flared skirt, another looks slightly playful by a round collar.It remains to be seen, what the designers here still so superior.

How do I style the “little black”?

The dress is elegant and of course universally applicable, therefore it has also become a classic.You can wear it a bit simpler during the day and effect effectively in the evening.A must are in any case high shoes, pumps or high heels.Only with this the dress continues to look elegant.The simpler the dress, the more flexible it can be used.However, you should take care that it is not too strict and barren.A simple dress can look much more exciting with a slightly dramatic make-up.Or combine it with other accessories, such as a beautiful belt.Sound in tone is not bad, but who says that you can not bring color into the game?Give it a try!