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Resume Do's and Don't

- Does my resume appear organized?
- Is my resume balanced and centered on the page?
- Is it concise? Easy to read? Is it logical? Are the dates correct? Is it free from spelling errors?
- Does it sound positive?
- Does it describe my education and experience?
- What am I trying to convey? Does my resume convey it?
- Does it reflect those skills and accomplishments I want to emphasize about myself?
Keep in mind:
Resume writing is an art not a science.

- Keep your resume to one page
- Keep it clear and concise – use an outline format
- Emphasize accomplishments
- Use action words rather than lengthy descriptions
- Consider what you are selling
- Proofread over and over for accuracy: Checks for typos and misspelled words
- Use white or cream medium bond paper
- Exceed one page or clutter with irrelevant information
- Use “I” – it is implied and unnecessary
- Use abbreviations or contractions
- Use colored paper
- Write “resume” on your resume

More resume tips and FAQs, please can find them on internetdict.

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