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Interview Tips

  • Express enthusiasm for the work
  • Make sure you are very comfortable with the case interview – practice, practice, practice
  • Don’t underestimate the “soft skills” (basic etiquette and social skills). Some applicants are already “dead” by the time they get to the case part.
  • Act “fun”. Everyone wants to have fun, hard-working people on his/her team.
  • Before you go in, read the Wall Street Journal archives and the firm’s Web site for recent news, alliances, mergers, divestitures, etc.
  • “Firm knowledge is overrated. You need to know the basics, but an exhaustive knowledge of the firm along won’t get you the job. You have to have the skill and analytic fundamentals the firm is looking for.”
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities and experience

What It Takes

  • Communication and interpersonal skills are integral to success in this business. The team-client relationship is very important. You must be able to communicate complex concepts effectively one-on-one, in front of larger audiences, and in written documents. Consulting is based on selling ideas and concepts so you must be persuasive and aggressive when necessary. You will work closely with your team so you need to be able to get along with a variety of people.
  • Be analytical and possess strong deductive- and inductive-reasoning skills.
  • Remain calm and focused under tight deadlines and manage their time wisely.

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